Top 10 Start Up Business Ideas in the Philippines for 2017

Being a successful entrepreneur takes a lot of patience, perseverance, hard work and determination. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and you have not thought of the best business idea to start up with then for sure you would have heard of franchising. Franchising has been a popular option among novice entrepreneurs because in this business, you need not to create a name in the industry. Since the business already exists and has a renowned name to begin with, all you have to do is to manage it.

So if you have figured that franchising is the best choice for you then you should do more research on the business that you are eyeing for.

Let this list below to help you choose the best start up a franchise business that you can avail.

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Water Refilling Station

Water is an essential part of human existence. Since drinking tap water has become almost inexistent in our country, this franchise idea has become very popular.   The rise of health awareness has taken its toll and the consumers have opened their eyes to the value of making wise choices even in drinking water. Although there is plenty of water refill franchise available, you have to be very careful in screening. The safer and cleanest way of processing the water the better.

Service Type Franchise

If you are running out of tangible things to sell, then why not sell services. Service type franchise means offering services to the consumers. Examples of this kind of franchise are: laundry, shop, car wash shops, printing press, contact centers and more. The need of such services may depend on the area where you would prefer to put your business. You need to survey your target area and check out the flow of the people. Research on the needs and wants of your market to help you out in choosing the perfect service type franchise. The more you study your projected space, the higher the chances of generating more profits for your business.

Personal Care

Grooming and self-care has always been part of the Filipino regimen. In fact, we are known to be the tidiest among the other nationalities, in terms of personal care that is. This type of franchise is more inclined with retail of known personal care items like soap, lotion and other health and beauty aids. The more popular the products are the best. Most personal care products are endorsed by the top celebrities and this is more beneficial for you. You need to pick the best company to franchise with this type of business. Actually, in this line of business the parent company does the marketing for you and your main job is to retail the products you have franchised.

Coffee Shop

Almost everyone loves coffee. No wonder coffee shops are always jam packed no matter how pricey a cup of coffee is. We just love to chat and hang out with family and friends over a cup of coffee or frap, because socialization has always been part of the Filipino nature.

In this type of franchise, a great amount of money would be shed but if you have what it takes then go for it. Do take note that not all top coffee shops are open for franchising. But there are ways on how to get their name and all, just do a thorough research on it. Don’t worry because it’s all worth it because people do love coffee shops not only for the coffee but for the ambiance and homey feeling they experience in every visit.

Education and Training Franchises

Knowledge is power. Filipinos do know that education is very important. Like what our parents have said to us, education is the only priced possession that they could provide us that nobody could take away from you. Along with this mentality, gave rise to this another type of franchise business which is education and training. Review centers fall on this category. Review for upcoming board exams are really taken seriously, no wonder this type of franchise has also mushroomed and continued to blossom.


Filipinos love to eat! And we are also known for having the sweet tooth especially in pastries. Bakeries are known to be around for quite some time and that is enough proof that this type of business is generating profit positively and continuously. The more traffic your target area is the higher the chances of success.

Convenience Stores

Wherever you may be, you would definitely see a 7’11 or a Mini Stop convenience store nearby. This is because this type of franchise is such as big hit especially in the prime and business districts of Metro Manila. Aside from the variety of goods that it offers, these convenience stores are open for 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Milk Tea, Anyone?

Have you ever wondered why this thirst quencher has become a big hit nowadays? Aside from the new concept of drinking tea, these milk tea shops are situated strategically in almost every busy spot in the Metro. There are now tons of milk tea franchise available in the country, better pick the company with the most variety and higher rank in popularity so it would be easier for you to manage.

Fast Food!

Nowadays, everything needs to be done ASAP! Even lunchtime are taken lightly and everyone needs to be fast and kept going. Thus gave rise to fast food chains and come to think of it the food served here are quite tasty. If you have what it takes to invest in the fast food chain industry then go for it. Investing in one of the popular fast food chains in the country would be very beneficial for you because you need not to do any marketing anymore because it is already well known. However, there is quite a huge catch and that is the price that you would have to pay for these popular fast food chains but the likelihood of success is very high.

Food Cart Franchise

If the fast food chain franchise is quite too expensive for you, but you still want to franchise on the food industry then why not try the food cart franchise. This industry has taken the business world by storm because of the great popularity it has achieved. Why would not it be so popular? You would get into the franchise business for only a fraction of a cost. You can own your very own food cart business for as low as twenty thousand pesos. Another factor that made this industry a big hit is that you would mostly see them in the busiest malls, streets, schools and the like. The food cart industry is one of the best options for the novice entrepreneur who is not willing to shed much capital yet and would like to test the water first before taking the big plunge in the business world. You can look at a colleague’s website to get a super affordable food cart franchise.

Starting a business is never easy. Research and preparation go hand in hand before starting up with anything and this applies well to the entrepreneur’s world as well. From our top ten great start up business ideas, you would absolutely have a bird’s eye view of what your preferred business venture is like. Start the New Year with a new adventure and hop into the business band wagon and start generating more profits to gain financial freedom.

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