17 Great Home-Based Business Ideas for Women in the Philippines

While we agree that the essence of a woman is to bear a child and raise him into a happy, healthy, good adult, we also agree that women should not just stay at home and just raise a family and keep the house clean. Many women find success in keeping the family together at the same time create a generous amount of wealth while staying at home.

If you are a woman who is interested in creating a fortune while the toddlers nap, here are some business ideas you can create at home.

Presenting, our list of Home-Based Business Ideas for Women in the Philippines!

Part 1: Online Opportunities for Women

The first (and the bigger part) of this list is online opportunities. Since having an internet connection gives you an infinite amount of possibilities, online income generation is starting to become popular in the Philipines as well as abroad.

1. Blogging

If you have a good grasp in the English language and are opinionated, you can try blogging. Just choose a small topic you are interested in, write different articles that revolve around the traffic and if you pursue, you will see the hits to your site grow as you develop your skills. You can choose to start with a good domain (comes with a monthly expense) or use free sub-domains like Blogger.

2. Content Writer

If the thought of maintaining a website does not appeal to you but you would still want to write, you can become a freelance content writer. Webmasters of bigger brands as well as start-ups are hungry for good content. You just have to be better at research aside from being able to write. Elance and oDesk are good portals to find employers who will hire writers. you can also check your favorite blog if they are hiring.

3. Ghost Writing Novels

At-Home Opportunities for Filipina WomenNovel downloads are starting to get hot! Much like the content writing option above, novel writing requires you to be good at story telling and wring prose. Always winning that story writing contest in college? Try this option.

4. Selling Prints of Your Artwork Online

Artists! This is your chance. If you have good Photoshopping skills, you can draw artworks into your computer then sell copies of those online! Online shops like Zazzle or CafePress lists you set up a personal store (for free!) in their sites and sell your artworks printed on various stuff like shirts, coffee mugs, post cards, mouse pads or jigsaw puzzles. I personally know someone who thrives in selling her artworks via these sites.

5. Graphic Designer

If you do not like the idea of selling copies of your artworks for royalty, you can create custom artworks like cartoon characters, illustrations, infographics or website banners and logo for clients. oDesk also have clients for you to grab, as well as Fiverr, who have a lot of people willing to pay you five bucks each graphic design.

6. Selling Products Online

You can buy stuff for a lower price from suppliers then sell those online. Many at-home moms do this (my sister is one) and they sell statement shirts, ladies’ accessories and baby clothes via Facebook. If you like the idea of monetizing your Facebook friends list, you can do this. You are not limited to women-related items, though. Try selling gadgets or weird/unique gift ideas.

7. Affiliate Marketing

If the thought of buying from a supplier is too much of a hassle for you, you can try affiliate marketing where you market products you do not own and the company will reward you referral commissions if someone buys from you. Whyrll.com helps you start an affiliate marketing biz without starting a new website!

8. Online ESL Teacher

You can also teach English to children and teenagers online. I once had a job like this and had a few Japanese children to teach basic English via Skype. You can find jobs like these in eLance.

9. Youtube Vlogger

If you have a creative mind capable of directing (yourself, others or objects, even animating), you can start a series of videos in a single account. If you are good enough and get exposed to popular sites, you can watch your subscriptions grow and get hits every time you launch a new videos. Monetize with Adsense.

10. Coder, Video Editor and Other Jobs

If you have some technical skills that is hard to come by, you can definitely post your offers via Craigslist or find jobs at oDesk or Freelancer. You can charge a larger fee if your talent is rarer.

Offline (Non-Internet) Opportunities for Women

These opportunities have minimal requirement for an internet connection. Work at home even without the help of Globe Tattoo!

11. Events / Birthday Party / Wedding Consultant

There is something that men cannot do well, and events planning is one of those. Events planning and consulting are getting big right now and weddings, debuts and birthdays are starting to get commercialized (read: expensive) and people are willing to spend a huge amount of bucks to have someone design and plan their events for them. Given, this will require to to go out and buy your materials, but you will do a vast amount of your time communicating with your clients though mobile or Skype and conceptualizing the event at home. Marketing is done at home via the internet, too.

12. Internet Cafe

With the ongoing demands for technology, those who cannot afford computers can find what they need at (or near) your home. I know someone who established an internet cafe kingdom from just a single PisoNet machine. Try it!

13. Baking Cake and Cookies

Into baking? You can sell your works of delicious art to people who have sweet tooth or need to give a little something sweet (figuratively and literally) to someone. You can use word of mouth or Facebook to market your goodies.

14. Tutoring

Got a talent in teaching young children? You can also offer tutorial services at home. Children can go to your home and you teach them how to write, count and read. The parents will be thankful, and your pockets will earn extra cash!

15. Pet and Baby Sitting

Can take care of the kulit kids and pets? You can also offer your home to house babies and pets while their parents and pet-parents are away on a vacation or a time off.

16. Direct Sales

Direct selling products like clothes, men’s shoes, cosmetics and cologne have been easier with companies like Natasha, Avon and Boardwalk. These companies have a high profit margin (up to 50%) and you can offer a payment scheme to boost sales. (Two gives, anyone?)

17. Crafts Maker and Seller

Into crafts? Like to keep your creative juices flowing? You can make customized greeting cards, gifts, jewelry, decorations, accessories and other stuff for clients and then charge them a small fee. You can also go online and sell them at OLX (formerly Sulit).

Can You Add More?

We will keep updating this list for you. If you can add something else, chime into the comments section below!

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  1. Jerome says:

    Wow! Thanks for these ideas! This days many people complain of having just enough money. But they don’t focus on the opportunities like the ones included in this article. I have known a couple of people who earn a full time salary in the comfort of their home office. From VA, to consultant to online sellers. I was involved in one industry and made a couple of thousands pesos working on top of my regular job and that felt good knowing i can make money on the side.

    More power to your blog ifranchise

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