Where and How to Register SSS Account as Voluntary Member

Although some people may hate it whenever they see deductions in their hard-earned pay slip, many are still interested to register as a member with SSS due to the privileges it assures a member.

What Is SSS and Why Do People Intend To Be A Member Of The Said Program?

SSS (Social Security System) is an insurance program mandated by the Philippine government to provide assistance for the actively paying member and their family’s expenses when it comes to health, protection and even death.

What Can A Person Get From Being A Member In This Program?

SSSWhen an individual is a verified member of SSS, he/she may be granted with pension, can have a loan automatically approved by the banks and more. Say a family suddenly needs to get a loan to rebuild a house that has been wrecked by natural calamity; they will be automatically granted with a loan if they can attest to the fact that they are an actively paying member of the program.

Moreover, the usual contribution doesn’t cost that much especially when the privileges that will be enjoyed by the member is granted to them.

To further discuss it, four of the main privileges a registered member can get from the organization are the sickness benefit, death benefit, maternity benefit and even a great retirement benefit. Each of them simply means one thing: a member will get paid the moment they become unable to work, as long as they are a member, at the very least.

Can Anyone Be A Member Of SSS?

Unfortunately, the only ones who are given the rights beforehand to enjoy the kinds of assistance given to them are the ones with stable jobs, as it is usually hassle-free prepared and provided by the company they are working for. Moreover, the SSS contribution is maintained by the employer as well.

On the other hand, having an account with the SSS is not limited anymore to the employed citizens. Interested applicants, regardless of employment status, are now equally entertained like the employed members.

Self-employed or unemployed citizens are now generously given the opportunity to register an account under their name as long as the requirements are properly complied with and completed upon registration.

For those who are interested to become a member, here are the following qualifications of those who may be covered by voluntary membership:

  1. Registrants who are separated from the employment (SSS members who are not working with the same company anymore and still wishes to continue their contribution)
  2. Self-employed or business owner registrants
  3. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs who are employed in a different country for a legitimate job)
  4. Non-working spouse (Housewives or househusbands who are married to actively paying members of SSS but not employed)

When interested registrants have at least one of these qualifications, they are automatically eligible to register with SSS as a voluntary member.

The first thing they will need to secure is their SSS membership. If in case they don’t have one, they need to acquire for an SSS number beforehand. To do this, an individual must go to the nearest SSS branch to fill out their personal details on the SSS E1 form.

The same form is also downloadable on the internet which registrants may acquire and fill up before they visit personally to the branch.

After the necessary details have been filed out, the E1 form should be submitted together with the photocopies of a National Statistics Office-issued birth certificate and valid identification cards. Upon submission, they will have to wait for a copy of the E1 form they have filed out as the SSS number will be indicated at the upper part of the document.

Once the SSS number is provided to the applicant, they may head on to pay their contribution under voluntary coverage.

In connection with this, there will be some instances wherein members would prefer their membership to be transferred to the voluntary category due to various reasons. For such occasion, members don’t need to update their employment status as they can simply opt to pay for voluntary member contributions using the SSS Form RS-5.They can visit the SSS website for more information.

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