Essential Things You Must Do Before an Interview

An opportunity may knock only once. If this chance comes knocking at your door in a form of a job interview, gladly take it and make the best out of it. This may be the start of realizing your dreams. Thus, preparing for that interview is a must for every potential candidate. What you know, what you say and how you deliver it during the course of the interview will matter big time. So, gear up yourself and be ready to face this battle. You will certainly come out confident and assured. Below are essential things to do and remember before facing that moment.

Read about the company. Surely you want to make an impression that you are interested to be part of their company. To achieve this, you need to have an overview of the company’s vision and mission, its beliefs and core values, its brands and its culture. Check out their websites and read articles about the organization. In this way, you can also check if what they do and the values they adhere also align with your own personal beliefs. If it does, then you can anchor your answers to these shared principles. This is also one good way to impress.

What to do before a job interview

Check on the interviewer’s profile

If the name of the interviewer is given to you, it is not a bad thing to just check him or her on available social media platform such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This will actually give you a face on the name. Also, a little peek on his or her personality will help you on how to approach the person during the interview. At least you have an idea on who she or he is. This is also a great way to know the person on a more personal note.

Prepare copies of important documents

These documents should just be ready anytime it is needed. You may never know where the interview will lead you. Bring important documents to be provided as proof of your achievements, awards and other relevant information pertaining to your skills and knowledge. At least the important information is readily available.

Prepare relevant questions

This is just to show that the interview process is a two-way conversation. So if it is your time to ask questions, try to formulate important and interesting questions as well. This will leave a mark with the interviewer and will be an indication that you are more than enthusiastic to be part of their team. For a guide on what to ask an interviewer, we compiled a small list on what to ask your interviewer.

Practice your delivery

If you have done all of the above, then it is time to organize your thoughts and rehearse that perfect pitch for yourself. After all, a good delivery makes a lasting impression. The trick here is to exude that confidence but do not sound as if it is memorize. Practice spontaneity until you get the perfect delivery.

Make cue cards

This will serve as your notes about the company, the job opening and maybe the profile of the interviewer. You can review these details for easy reference. List down key words or terminologies that the company uses and all other information that may help you along the interview process.

Find that perfect outfit

They say power dressing is the key to making lasting impression. The interview is the best venue to flaunt this professional image. The way you carry yourself is actually your self-projection. So, look for that outfit that will awe them the moment you open that door.

Come before the time

Remember that if you come on time, you are late. Come a little early so you can make necessary preparations such as make-up retouch and toilet needs. This is also one way to familiarize yourself with the venue and make yourself a little comfortable before you go into the interview battle.

Make sure you eat well before the interview

This is just an anticipation that if the schedule will be a little delay, you are still compose and can collect yourself. It is also wise to carry with you candies or crackers so you can grab something if you feel a little hungry. This will lessen the tension and will make you feel relaxed.

Pray for guidance

This may be a cliché to some people. But seeking divine intervention actually does make a lot of sense. This will keep you calm and will reassure you that everything will be ok. Anyway, it is not that difficult if you whisper a little prayer before entering that interview room.

If you keep all of these tips in mind, the interview process will surely be a piece of cake. If you are prepared, it will just bring out the confidence in you. Lastly, believe in yourself. Stay positive and everything will just work out fine. For all you know, the job is meant for you.

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