How to Start a LivingWater Franchise Business

Drinking water is hard to come by if all you do is rely on the plumbing of your own home. In the United States, there are a lot of people who use tap water as a source of drinking water as their plumbing is more regulated by the government. It is not safe to say that the standards of a first-world country is the same in a third-world country such as the Philippines.

Therefore, the rise of water refilling stations who provide safe and drinkable water is a blessing for many, as they also come at an affordable price. LivingWater is one such company that has been able to corner the market and turn such business into a profitable venture.

Wouldn’t you want to learn more on how to franchise such business? Continue reading to know more!

History of LivingWater Franchise


LivingWater System, Inc., previously known as the LivingWater Filtration and Water Refilling Station, was established in October of 2004 as a sole proprietorship company. The company is not only responsible for the refill and delivery of water to subdivisions but other services as well. This include being the supplier and distributor of Ion-Exchange equipment, R.O. Dialysis, Ultraviolet Disinfection System, Ozone Generator System, Reverse Osmosis System, Alkaline Ionizers, Water Oxygenators, Water filtration, and Alkaline Systems in the Philippines.

Initially starting as a water refilling station with a 3-in-1 system – purified water, mineral water, and alkaline water – it was the first to introduce such combination in the country, covering customers around Manila, Makati, Quezon, Taguig, Las Pinas, and Paranque City with an average of 1,650 gallons of water distributed every day.

Matching the growing demand of the service and expanding the business through the low cost opportunity of franchising, the company underwent franchising as a water refilling station in January of 2005, just several months after it opened.

As of 2010, it has provided over 1,800 franchisees nationwide, not just stations but safe and potable water for everyone to use!

A leading innovator with a firm belief in continuous improvement, LivingWater has been able to adapt to market trends and demands, as well as introduce new products to be able to meet the demand of its customers.

Mission: To contribute to the operational excellence of our customers through quality, efficient and most advanced products and services in the market that meet their water treatment requirements.

Vision: LWSI vision is to become an international total water treatment player serving commercial, industrial and residential requirements using the latest and best technology that promotes sustainable environment with dynamic and proactive corporate management and staffs that are customer-focused, environmentally conscious, and technically competent.

Objective: The company ensures that Quality objectives, including those needed to meet requirements for product is established at relevant functions and level within the organization. These objectives are measurable and consistent with the established Quality Policy.

Franchise Information

  • Investment cost: Php 250,000
  • Down-payment of Php 100,000
  • Discount: 40% for cash payment
  • Interest rate: 0%
  • No franchise fee
  • No royalty fee
  • No marketing fee

livingwaterfranchise2Franchise inclusion:

  • Usage of trade name and logo of LivingWater
  • Delivery around Metro Manila
  • 2 pcs. of staff t-shirts
  • DTI registration
  • Franchisee and staff training and seminar
  • Opening streamer
  • 1 year of bacteriological testing
  • Free installation of equipment
  • Signage (single-faced)
  • Heat gun
  • Supplies such as:
    • 1000 pcs 5GL round seal
    • 1000 pcs small cap seal
    • 1000 pcs big cap seal
    • 1000 pcs faucet seal
    • 500 pcs personalized flyers
    • 200 pcs small bottles (330 or 350 ml)
    • 100 pcs 5GL stickers
    • 100 pcs small bottle stickers

LivingWater Franchise Procedure

  1. Call through this telephone number: 02 986 5628 for appointment & business presentation.
    2. Source water testing (free testing)
    3. Site inspection and lay-outing
    4. Equipment package selection (with accessories)
    5. Reservation Fee
    6. Execution of contract
  • Fill-up DTI application form with 2 pcs. of 2"x 2" picture with signature at the back.
  1. Renovation/Construction layout
    8. Opening of streamers
    9. Start of renovation and construction
    10. Delivery of Stainless tank(s) prior installation of aluminum & glass windows.
    11. Full down-payment
    12. Secure barangay clearance and contract of lease
    13. Delivery and installation of equipment
    Delivery outside metro manila:
  • Assessment of freight forwarding expenses
  • Issuance of PDC’s for the monthly amortization of the balance on the equipment package.
  • Assessment and payment of technician’s fare, food, and lodging (unless provided by applicant)
  1. On-site training.
    15. Backwashing & flushing
  2. Sanitizing of storage tanks
    17. Processing
    18. Laboratory testing
    19. Purchase of initial inventory of containers
    20. Application for Mayor’s permit (business permit) and BIR registration
  • Submission of bacteriological test result (monthly)
  • Submission of Physico-Chemical test result of product water (semi-annual)
  • Submission of schematic diagram of layout and plumbing system (sanitary engineer)
  1. Soft opening day
    22. Distribution of flyers
    23. Opening day

LivingWater Franchise Contact Information

Address: W8B CCMC Compd., Industrial Area, Veterans Center Taguig


Facebook: OfficialLivingWater

Telephone no.: 02 986 5628

Mobile no.: 0917 852 7126

Email address:

Advantage of LivingWater Franchise

  • Recognized brand assurance of profitability
  • High probability of success based on tried and tested business model
  • Low cost outlay of supplies, equipment, and marketing support
  • There are no fees after opening, unlike other food businesses with royalty, marketing, as well as franchising fees

Disadvantage of LivingWater Franchise

  • Down-payment of half the investment may deter potential investors
  • Franchising means that operations are strictly “by the book” as per the original owner of the business.

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