Questions To Ask Your Interviewer to Make a Good, Lasting Impression

The interview is basically a two-way process of communication. Thus, not only that the interviewer gets to ask relevant questions about the employee, this is also a time that the employee will have the chance to ask questions too. Asking the right, stimulating and fascinating questions will also mean two things: (1) it will affirm your qualifications as a potential candidate and (2) you will find out if this employer is the right fit in establishing your career.
So, before going to an interview, make sure you also have objectives in mind. These are the things to achieve after the interview. This can be done if at least you have prepared 3-5 questions. However, depending on the time and situation, some of your questions might be answered during the course of the interview itself. Nevertheless, it is recommended to ask one question that will demonstrate your interest and curiosity about the job.

Questions to ask your interviewer after a job interview

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1. “What is the best part of your job?”

This question can lead to a more personal level as this concerns feelings and perspective about the interviewer’s experience on his or her job, his or her co-employees and the workplace in general. The answer given will give you an idea of how satisfied the people are with their jobs in this company.

2. “What specific skills and experiences are you looking for?”

This is a good and honest question to ask as this is very specific to the job that you have applied. This will also give you an idea if you are equipped with the necessary qualifications the company is looking for.

3. “Describe the culture of the company”

This is actually an interesting question to pose to your interviewer as this will provide you an idea on what to expect if ever you will be part of their team.

4. “What are your new products or services?”

This question will require some research on your part as this is specific to the product lines or services offered by the company. It will be nice to mention some information you have gathered in their website and be interested to know what these products or services are. At the same time, you will know to what direction the company is going.

5. “Do you offer professional development or continuing education?”

This is an interesting question that provides the employer an idea in terms of your career plans and positioning in the company. This will also show that you are interested in expanding your skills and knowledge and that you want to also grow with the company.

6. “Why is there an opening in your company?”

This may sound as a straight-forward question but is also a relevant one as this will give you an idea about the person who held the position. Whether the person was promoted, fired out or just simply resigned. Knowing this will provide a clue about the workload, work scope and even career advancement in the workplace.

7. “Who do you consider as your top competitor?”

This question will actually ignite excitement and enthusiasm to your interviewer as this will indicate that you wanted to become part of their team in decreasing the market share of your competitor. The ability to knack down these competitors is clear with them.

8. “What are the greatest challenge that your company is facing now?”

This question will actually uncover trends and issues that the company in particular or the industry in general is facing. This will provide you an opportunity to see how the company is performing as well.

9. “What are your expectations for this role?”

This is a good question that will show anticipation and eagerness if the job will be given to you. This will also assure future employers that you are excited to do your best with the job.

10. “What is the next step after the interview?”

This is the vital last question that should be asked before parting ways. This will show that you are interested in the process and that you will have an idea on what is the next step so you could also prepare.

These ten questions are just some of the most appropriate questions to ask that will help you assess if the job and the company best fits your needs and expectations as well. The list is endless if you think about it. Take note that any question that you may find fitting to ask at the end of the interview is very valid. Do not hesitate to ask your future employers as they say, there are no wrong questions to ask. Good luck and keep those interviewers interested when you go out of the interview room by throwing them an attention grabbing question. Happy questioning!

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