Office Hacks You Can Do to Boost Productivity at Work

Engaging in the work that you do is a hard task to maintain especially when it calls for consistency. By consistency, this means the level of enthusiasm is just the same every day. But of course as human beings, this cannot be achieved. That is why if there are days that you tend to be lazy and the feeling is just but normal. However, if this is felt always in a work day, then this can affect job satisfaction and may produce dwindling results.

There are ways to combat this feeling so you stay motivated and energized. As they say, it is just a battle of the will and all of these are just a state of mind. If you believe that you are in control of the situation then you can overcome this feeling. There are antidotes to this struggle in fighting those sluggish thoughts and feelings.

Office Hacks for Productivity


Below are practical and interesting tips that you can do in the workplace to wrestle this and stay productive at all times without even leaving your post. Read on.

1. Plan your day right

This means making a to-do list that will guide you and get you through the day. However, in making your list, do not overdo it in such a way that the task to be done is so enormous that when you look at it, it brings you back in the dumps. Get to break them down into easy and simple steps so you get to work on it one by one. With this simple task, you are starting your day right and light.

2. Take nourishing healthy snacks

Food is an upper, so if you are down, take a grub and you will feel great. But, bear in mind that the choice of food matters. Studies have shown that young adults who ate fruits and vegetables results to increase creativity, curiosity and over-all well-being. This was published in the British Journal of Health Psychology and clearly tells us of the many benefits of healthy eating. So, do not anymore indulge in burgers and fries, instead embrace food that is good for the body.

3. Take that caffeine break

As they say, coffee is life. Coffee and tea are the easy to grab meal when in the office. Caffeine will surely bring the jolt back if one feels down and slow. It can be the best energy booster to make you more productive again. Besides, caffeine has been shown to increase energy, improve concentration and enhance problem solving skills. What better way to take that break than to taste the aroma of freshly brewed cup of magic. Its smell can actually do wonders. Try it out.

4. Power nap

Sleep is a basic physiological need as it keeps you more invigorated and galvanized. If the body at work feels low and down, try having power naps for about 15-20 minutes. This will revert the feeling and will boost you again to be ready for work. A small pillow and blanket can also help make this nap more comfortable and relaxed. Moreover, other offices have implemented nap time as Psychologist Ron Friedman says that it is proven to boost productivity, increase alertness, quicken motor reflexes, raise accuracy, improve decision-making, enhance creativity, and bolster memory. So, during break times, instead of screen time, try to get a quick snooze and get back that energy again.

5. Listen to music

Low-volume and slow music has shown beneficial effects in making one calm and relaxed. Choose a rhythm that will help you focus and be more concentrated at work. Classical music in particular is a good option. Besides, studies have shown that listening to classical music increases IQ and perceptibly this is worth a try. You never know the amount of work you can finish with music in the background.

6. Do not eat lunch on your desk

In order to break routine and to have respite from work. One needs a different environment during lunch time. There is a need to enjoy lunch and savour the food so when you get back to work, you will be more energized and be more focus in finishing your task throughout the day. The one hour lunch break is fairly important. So, eat lunch on time and be renewed.

7. Clean that desk

Messy workplace may encourage creativity but definitely it will have an impact on concentration and this will drift out productivity. This simple office hack is just easy to implement. Neatly arrange your desk and arrange that clutter before hitting that workload. This will help you focus and get the job done quickly.

If these simple and easy office hacks can be followed, no doubt that productivity will be achieved and the total well-being of the employee is realized. Not to mention that a happy workplace is attained.

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