How to Start a Computer Shop Business in the Philippines

Today’s generation is composed of the digital age of millennials. Yes, you could not find yourself in any street without someone looking at their phones scrolling through Facebook or Twitter. More so, you would find people along transportation vehicles such as the bus or MRT3 watching their favorite K-dramas or playing Mobile Legends.

The world is not the same since the advent of the internet, but the phenomena of web-surfing goes back way before the introduction of smart phones. People littering the streets now would previously visit computer shops. These places are a haven for anything you want: print, web-surf, video-chat, and gaming!

You may think that smartphones, laptop, or affordable internet connection have made computer shops less popular, but that could not be further from the truth! As it turns out, there are still people out there who prefer to go out and visit computer shops.

If you want to start a computer shop business in the Philippines, keep reading on below to know what you need before raking in the cash!

Investment Capital Requirements

The Cost of Starting a Computer Shop

computer shop

First off, you will need at least a capital of P300,000. This covers all the basic necessities in order to run a computer shop. These include, the computers, the printer equipment, computer accessories, power supplies, software, rental fees.

Of course, where you put up a shop depends on your location, which we will cover later on. Furthermore, the utilities expense you incur also depend where you are established: be it residential or commercial.

Keep this in mind when your mind is set on starting a computer shop business. Which brings us to the next point.

Location, location, location!

The Location of Your Computer Shop Business in the Philippines

One of the most important factors you need to keep track of is where your computer shop will be. This can determine the amount of profit you get at the end of each month. Find somewhere that has a lot of foot traffic.

Your market should consist those who rely heavily on the use of computers. In this case, the most popular customer you would ever have are the students of nearby schools, that is assuming you do not have any competitors.

In order to gain a customer you have to think like one! Quick, what do you think your customer needs? Print! One good guess is that the printing service they have at their schools are too expensive for even one measly page of paper. Offering a cheaper alternative will make you an attractive business not just to the students but to other people who are in need of a quick print!

This is an important point: accessibility. Yes, students may have printing services at their school, but they only have enough money to afford an expensive print. Going outside the school for them is worth it just to save a few pesos!

Know your market

Believe or not, middle class families prefer to go to computer shops for their services rather than purchasing their own equipment. Unfortunately, home-based internet speeds are not as consistently desirable as they as are advertised. This means that investing for them is out of the question, hence the preference for visiting computer shops.

Remember those students mentioned before? They are also interested in playing e-gaming. E-gaming refers to playing games such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and other online games with their friends. Typically, computer shops are a chance for the youth to hang out with their friends after school and compete in online matches for hours on end.

Majority of your customers would most likely comprise of these kids at their teenage years (often of rebellious age). Fortunately for you, this demographic never dwindled past the dawn of smartphones and would still be seen often at computer shops.

Get the right equipment!

Things you need to get your computer shop up and running

Web surfing, printing, and the likes are basic activities that do not require a beast of a computer to run. On the other hand, services such as gaming need additional power to run modern games. Not only that, online games need a stable internet connection to experience lag-free gaming.

When looking for an internet provider, consult the neighborhood nearby about the best one available as each companies’ performance vary from location to location.

Register your business

Your business will need to be registered with the local barangay where you will be established. Not only that, if you plan on running the business yourself (sole proprietorship), you would need to register at the Department of Trade and Industry. For partnerships, head to the Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC).

Reap in the benefits!

Additional services such as 24 hours operation are to your own discretion as they are an incentive for late night customers. Providing the most comfortable ambiance in your area will do you good and convert one time customers into regular customers!

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