How to Start World Chicken Franchise Business

The love of Filipino to chicken dishes is greatly reflected from the numerous food outlets featuring chicken as their flagship product. Chicken is usually the star item in the menu, both for fast food to restaurant dining settings,

This love to chicken makes it ideal to start a business centered in distributing chicken, and World Chicken franchise offers their franchisees the opportunity to become a part of distributing tasty and boneless chicken, providing the customers fuss-free eating.

About World Chicken Franchise Chain of Restaurant

World chicken is a business which categorized itself as a business selling exclusively de-boned chicken, which is prepared on their unique way to ensure the quality of taste of their products. The business also prides itself as the number one food outlet in sales at the Glorietta Mall food market.

The RK Franchise consultancy, which was established in Cebu back in 1995, and started developing home-grown companies in 1996. The company describes their franchise development as a quick penetrating business with no major investment required.

As of date, the company had assisted thousands of franchisees on building their own business and helping it thrive further.

world chicken franchise

World Chicken Franchise Details

Regular Franchise Fee: 800,000

Term of Contract: 8 years (Renewable)

Royalties: 5% of total gross sales

Estimated total Investment (Excluding franchise fee)

Food Court Type: 1,500,000

Restaurant Setup: 3-4 Million

World Chicken Franchise Package Inclusions

  • Use of WORLD CHICKEN business name and trade mark
  • Utilization of WORLD CHICKEN business system
  • High quality product line
  • Profitable business venture
  • Low Franchise Fee
  • Low Royalty
  • Site selection assistance and evaluation
  • Training
  • Pre-Opening assistance
  • Grand Opening assistance
  • Post Opening assistance
  • Effective Field Service
  • Marketing and promotional assistance
  • On-going operational support
  • Procurement Program
  • Operations Manual

How to Franchise World Chicken?

Steps in Starting Your Own World Chicken Franchise

  1. Fill out and submit the form on this link to receive a franchise kit
  2. Accomplish the letter of intent and send to Appalachia Ventures, Inc. together with the confidential questionnaire.
  3. World Chicken Franchise will evaluate the questionnaire.
  4. World Chicken invites franchisee to discuss further the franchising details.
  5. Receive the franchise offering circular
  6. Proposed location is evaluated
  7. Once the location is approved, the franchisee is given the franchise agreement to review and sign.
  8. Together with the signing of franchise agreement is the settlement of franchise fee.
  9. Start of setting up the outlet.
  10. Staff and franchisee undergoes the World Chicken training
  11. Receive the Pre-opening assistance.
  12. Grand Opening!

World Chicken Franchise Contact Details


Contact No.

(02) 912-29-46/911-19-16

(02) 912-29-73/955-0734



Address: Ground Floor Minnesota Mansion, 267 Ermin Garcia, Cubao, Quezon City Philippines, 1109

You may also reach Reyes Barbeque by filling out the form found at this link

The Pros and Cons of Owning a World Chicken Franchise Business


  • Many Filipinos are fan of consuming chicken, which makes it easier to attract a customer base no matter where you position your World Chicken franchise outlet.
  • The contract term is long enough to acquire the return of investment and profit from the franchise.
  • The franchisee is granted the benefit of operating under a tried and tested operating and marketing formula.
  • World Chicken assists their interested investors at looking for sites appropriate to operate the business and at the same time have the potential to thrive.


  • The total cost of investment requires a lot of resources, which may not suit the budget of many first-time entrepreneurs.
  • The royalty fee requires added fee to function the business, excluded from the franchise fee and expected total investment.



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