Starting a Tokyo Tempura Franchise: a Quick Guide

Recently, foreign cuisines have started penetrating the Philippine food market, and Filipino are more than willing to welcome Korean, Chinese, American and Japanese dishes to their tables. One favorite is a dish from Japan called tempura.

The batter covered shrimp is a known seafood dish. However, due to its expensive price tag, many tend to shy away from purchasing it; Fortunately, Tokyo Tempura came up with a formula which introduced Murang Tempura, thus making the usual 200-400 pesos few pieces of tempura into 50-150 pesos.

If you’re an interested franchisee, you may continue reading below to understand the procedure of how this turnkey franchise works and how much it will cost to establish your own Tokyo Tempura food cart branch.

About Tokyo Tempura Franchise

Tokyo Tempura started as a food cart business in Sta. Lucia East Mall back on October 1, 2012. It took years for their concept of “Murang Tempura” to take root to the interest of mass; However once Tokyo Tempura slowly built its name, it, later on, branched out on other malls and soon outside of Metro Manila, Central and Northen Luzon and the Visayas.

Tokyo Tempura Franchise: Turnkey

51240341_2045895555508868_9011869846991798272_n[1]What is Turnkey?

Interested franchisee applicants of Tokyo Tempura, must understand how the process of their franchising works.

Tokyo Tempura implements the turnkey franchise concept which translates to “Turning the key”, the franchisee only needs to turn the key to open business, this means that finding and training of staff, setting up the cart and stocking inventory for the grand opening will be done by the franchisor, creating a hassle-free process of setting up a business.

While Tokyo Tempura is responsible for managing the opening of the franchise, gathering the proper government permits and securing location will be handled by the franchisee.

Cost of franchising Tokyo Tempura

  • Turnkey cost 300,000
  • Fixed monthly service fee 5,000
  • Renewal Fee every 3 years 50,000

Tokyo Tempura’s menu product

Interested entrepreneurs who wish to franchise Tokyo Tempura may read the following to learn what products Tokyo Tempura offers to their customers.

  • Sho Tempura
  • Baichi Tempura
  • Biggu Tempura
  • Imperial Tempura
  • Glazed Tempura
  • Kani Tempura
  • Chili Cheese Tempura
  • Tempura Duo
  • Trio Healthy mix biggu (3pcs. Shrimp, 2pcs Kani, 4pcs. Veggies)

1606973_713026392129131_936814413117608085_n[1]Crazy Tempura Series

  • Original
  • Salted Egg Tempura
  • Japcurry Tempura
  • Mexican Tempura
  • California Tempura

Tokyo Tempura Franchise Package Inclusion

  • Use of Tokyo Tempura’s name and marks
  • Business Operational System
  • Mobilization Set-Up
  • Cart, Signage and Menu Board
  • Equipment and small wares
  • Local and systemwide marketing support
  • Centralized commissary
  • Continuous product research

Things to remember when franchising Tokyo Tempura 26907562_1548842321880863_8230027080342761035_n[1]

  • The franchisee should be aware of franchising basic/norm principles
  • The franchisee must have good management skills
  • The franchisee should be amenable to allow time for hands-on monitoring of the store
  • Can Follow rules & regulations
  • The franchisee should demonstrate enthusiasm and passion for the concept
  • The franchisee must acknowledge and recognize that business is a risk, and the franchise model may succeed or fail.
  • There is no definite time of when the franchisee can have their return of investment

Interested in starting Tokyo Tempura?

Send your CV to

Tokyo Tempura: A good or bad franchise choice?

Tokyo Tempura’s turnkey concept is a definite advantage for those who don’t want to undergo the hassle of setting up a business; Nevertheless, if observed properly Tokyo Tempura’s weakness is the hardship of catering to the usual budget Filipino’s have for snack or meals, this would mean that your customer demographic is limited, and overcoming this obstacle requires careful consideration to the store’s location.

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