How to Start a Friespamore Franchise Food Cart Business

Filipinos love to eat snacks, Philippine’s street food is well-diverse, consisting of food that can also be seen on eateries. That’s the reason why many entrepreneurs or starting business in the F&B industry, begins with selling affordable snacks.

One of the available food cart businesses in F&B industry is the Friespamore franchise, utilizing the use of one packaging to house both a snack and drinks, to provide customers the mobility to roam around if they are eating while walking or standing. Below is a guideline which can help interested entrepreneurs understand more about Friespamore, and if the business is a suitable concept for you to invest in.

About Friespamore Franchise

Friespamore is one of the food cart business of CKSC Holdings Group, Inc. a single proprietorship which started in 2012. CKSC first introduced Dafort’s Sisig on The Spot business, which was marketed as a fast food item, before they came up with Friespamore; a business concept fusing together snacks and drinks in one single packaging.

Friespamore Franchise Packages

friespamoreGo Cart-135,000


All-In Packaged

Dine-In Counter- 199K


  • Use of logo and tradename
  • Interior design layout/diner concept
  • Operational Manual
  • Notarized franchise contract
  • 50” LED TV Menu
  • Marketing collaterals
  • 1 long waiting chair
  • Staff training
  • Uniforms
  • Grand Opening assistance
  • Pre and Post opening assistance
  • Initial stocks worth 5,000

Friespamore Franchise Site Requirement

Friespamore location are required to have a 20-70 sqm area of space. The selection of location is based upon a few categories:

  • Community surrounding the site should have a minimum of 30,000 people
  • Near schools and Universities.
  • The location should be easily accessible
  • The traffic demographic of the area should have a large percentage of teenagers.

Operations and Marketing Support

Sales Literature

Each franchisees are supported in marketing by the Friespamore franchise, to get the word out to their customers. One of their primary social media advertisement outlets is their Facebook account with more than 20,000 followers.


Friespamore has weekly fresh imports directly from its manufacturer in the United States and Belgium. Their signature sauce is also exclusively manufactured by the company’s supplier, and have its packaged printed and produced at the company’s partner’s office in China.

Sales Program

For every grand opening of new branches, Friespamore provides support to spread awareness to the community, one of their marketing strategies is bringing in the mascot FM to greet and welcome the customers to the new store.

Grand Opening

Another grand opening assistance from Friespamore is assuring that outdoor signage, supported by banners are posted at the store before its opening.

Point of Purchase

Friespamore sells gift certificates, announce future job openings and sometimes mention franchise oppurtunities

How to Become a Friespamore Franchisee

Contact Numbers:

+63 917 7139776

+63 917 4569694

+63 918 7439790

+63 (02) 8359586


Address: # 1 V. Agbayani St. BF Resort Village, Brgy Talon Dos, Las Piñas City

Benefits of Franchising Friespamore

  • Unique product packaging (French fries+ topping & ice tea or juice in one cup)
  • The integration of friendly staff, reflects to the company’s youthful and energetic culture, and in return attracts the customer demographic Friespamore is targeting, which are the teenagers
  • Friespamore boast of their fresh dipping sauce, with no added preservatives as the complementary condiment to their French fries.

Things to Consider Before Franchising Friespamore

  • Have the capacity to meet the terms and conditions stated by the Friespamore franchise
  • Have enough time to manage your Friespamore cart
  • Learn the customer demographic of your chosen location. A location nearby schools, are more ideal as Friespamore targets teenagers as their most likely potential customers.


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