Top 3 Pharmacy Franchises in the Philippines

Mahal ang gamot! Bawal magkasakit!

That is the mantra of today’s people, because of the rising prices of regular, branded medicine and people are looking for inexpensive alternatives.

Moreover, people are now getting educated that generic medicines exists and they can save a fortune if they switch to less costly but as effective generics meds.

If you are looking into starting a business that not only helps people but are very profitable, too, then you should try checking out your options on building a pharmacy business through franchising.

Here are our top three picks for the most profitable, most reliable and most poular generic pharmacy franchises in the Philippines.

The Generics Pharmacy

The Generics Pharmacy Franchise

This is one of the most popular generic pharmacy franchises in the Philipines and this is because Mayor Vilma Santos endorses the franchise. It was not well known before, but it started in 2001, with just one branch in Quezon City.

Starting a TGP franchise costs around P600,000.00 to P800,000.00.

The cost includes the franchise fees, site evaluation and support, store construction training and other supplies needed to run the franchise.

More Information: TGP on

Contact Information: (632) 821-1111,

Gamot Publiko

Gamot Publiko Franchise

One of the rising star after the Cheaper Medicines Act was established into law, Gamot Publiko gained traction with its great franchisee support and beautiful yellow logo. As of date, they have around 50 branches nationwide.

Starting a Gamot Publiko franchise starts at P600,000.00 and that includes the following:

  • trademark and logo usage
  • site evaluation
  • store planning, design and construction
  • franchise manual
  • training for business operation
  • ongoing business support
  • P160,000.00 franchise fee,
  • initial medicines as inventory
  • furnitures and fixtures

For more information on how to start a Gamot Publiko franchise, you can go to their website, or check more details here in

Contact information: (632) 723-8142, (632) 416-6807

Farmacia ni Dok

Farmacia Ni Dok Pharmacy Franchise PhilippinesAnother one of the most popular and profitable of the available pharmacy franchises in the Philippines is Farmacia ni Dok.  This drug store franchise is being endorsed by Ai-ai De las Alas and is waking waves in the industry ebcause of it.

As of date, Farmacia ni Dok over 150 branches nationwide, only five of which are store owned. The rest are franchisees, showing the profitability of the drug store franchise, the company’s support for franchisees and customers and the popularity of the brand.

Farmacia ni Dok offers three franchise packages. One can opt to add additional franchise fee to upgrade to higher tier franchise packs.

  • Standard Package, which costs P399,000.00. This is an all-generic medicine store.
  • Premium Package, which costs P699,000.00. This includes generic medicines as well as some branded meds and food supplements.
  • Master Package, which costs P1,999,000.00. This is basically three premium packages, which helps you build three different stores. You can pay this on a staggered basis.

For more information, you can check out the franchising page of Farmacia ni Dok.

Contact Information: 0917 542 9570, +63 2 696 0337,

17 responses to “Top 3 Pharmacy Franchises in the Philippines”

  1. jerome says:

    What is the best pharmacy chain to franchise now?please make a good suggestion

  2. Jane says:

    How much is the franchise fee of mercury drug and st. Joseph drugstore? Tnx

  3. I am interested with premium package.

  4. Charlie jirch says:

    I am interested in franchising farm@cia ni foc but i font h@ve a pl#ce or location. Can you help in this matter

    • Lea Madula says:

      Travel and Tours (1slot)
      Food Cart (1 slot)
      Personalized Printing (1 slot)
      Soap and Perfume (1 slot)
      Farm Poultry (1 slot)
      Water Station (1 slot)
      Farm Poultry + Piggery (4 lots)
      Beauty and Wellness Own Branding (4 slot)
      Farm PoultryPiggery+Goat (7slot)
      Hardware (8 slot)
      Pharmacy (8 slot)
      And Many More up to 30 businesses to choose from.

      Call for Free Seminar
      @UG19 CityLand Mega Plaza
      Corner Garnet Road Ortigas Center Pasig
      Back ofRobinson Galeria

    • Alvin Sigua says:

      I have the right location would you be willing to be my business partner.

    • Alvin Sigua says:

      By the way if you wanna contact me my phone is 15312154962 USA. The location im talking about is in the philippines. Good spot for pharmacy store.

  5. Bernadette Schlueter says:

    How does it works and the processing to franchise either Mercury or Watsons and how much.

  6. Josephine silva says:

    How much is the franchise fee of mercury drug store with grocery .

  7. Sonia says:

    Im interested in franchising pharmacia ni doc. Location: Baguio area. (No exact address yet).

  8. Liecel damalerio says:

    How you may help to franchise

  9. Rane Pepito says:

    i want to franchise rose pharmacy can you tell me more about their franchising…my location at Zamboanga City.

  10. Frank trott says:

    Hi I’m interested in a franchise the only thing I would like to know us the monthly gross profit + expense that can be incurred owning one if your franchise

  11. Roanne Borromeo says:

    Can I franchise TGP or other pharmacy even if I’m not a pharmacist?

  12. Gemma Ramos says:

    I’m interested.. I’m a Pharmacist but live in Canada.. want to have pharmacy in Tarlac, Philippines

  13. Marina says:

    im inetrested to franchise TGP

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