How to Start a Potato Giant Franchise Business

For those who are considering to enter franchising, within the scope of Food & Drinks services, you may consider looking into Potato Giant’s franchise packages and the benefits they offer to their prospect business partners. Read further and find out more about the process of application and what Potato Giant aims to be as a franchise.

About Potato Giant Franchise


Potato Giants aims to supply on-the-go, affordable, a la carte refreshments and snacks, by providing their customers fast, prompt, and customer-prioritizing catering services.V


Potato Giant envisions itself to lead Philippine’s food cart franchise industry while sticking to the company’s standard process, while at the same time expanding the array of their product line, and customer demographics, catering to everyone regardless of age or social status.

Potato Giant Franchise Packages

Type of Package Package Fee Number of Menu items Inclusive cart Cart size
Cart 219,999 1 Menu item Heavy-duty cart 3-4 sqm
PG Master Cart 249,999 8 Menu items Heavy-duty cart 3-4 sqm
PG Mall Kiosk 299,999 10 Menu items Heavy-duty kiosk 4-6 dqm


  • Chest Freezer, cooking equipment, and kitchenware
  • Potpots machine
  • Lighted LED Signage
  • Kitchen rangehood
  • Complete set of uniform for two (2) staff members
  • Site ocular and approval
  • Free store staff training (staff allowance not included)
  • Free store opening collaterals (balloons, tarpaulin, coupons)

How to Apply for Potato Giant Franchise?

  1. Accomplish a letter of intent and address of target location, indicating important details of the site, then send to
  2. Wait for the email containing the franchise offer sheet
  3. Read and understand carefully the franchise offer before availing any of the potato giant packages.
  4. Settle the 50% down payment to reserve location
  5. Receive the acknowledgement letter through email
  6. Receive a copy of letter of intent to lease, authorization to transact in behalf of Storm Carts Enterprise, and company details.
  7. Schedule an ocular inspection of the target location, three (3) days before the desired schedule for Metro Manila sites. Note that ocular inspection on provincial areas, brings the franchisee liable for transportation and lodging cost if there is any.
  8. After the inspection and the site is approved, the franchisee may proceed with settling the remaining balance.
  9. Start of cart construction
  10. Undergo the 15-day franchisee and crew training
  11. Receive the cart and initial stocks
  12. Grand opening. Potato Giant decides the date of opening, if there are any delays, the company notifies the franchisee through email.

Note: If the franchisee wishes to not continue further with franchising Potato Giant, it’s important to inform the company before the construction of the cart. The downpayment is refundable with less 5,000 processing fee, through check payments, around thirty (30) days after receiving and acknowledging the email request.

Potato Giant Franchise Contact Details



Address: 7748 St. Paul Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City Philippines

Tel: (02) 838 – 1947

Globe: (0917) 307  0427

Smart: (0929) 281  9841


Benefits of Becoming a Potato Giant Franchisee

  • Use of Potato Giant tradename
  • On-site construction assistant
  • 2-week full supervision of operations
  • No need to worry, looking for suppliers, as Potato giant directly supplies their franchisees through scheduled delivery.
  • The branch gets included during the company’s advertisements.
  • Hands-on training

Things to consider before franchising Potato Giant

  • Have the capacity to over-see your respective branches, at least ten (10) hours a week.
  • Assure yourself if you truly want to franchise Potato Giant, as there are recurring fees required if you want to get back the down payment
  • Consider carefully the franchise package which suits your preference, location and resources.


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  1. Rhodora co says:

    Im interested

  2. len roque says:

    hi, i want to know more about this. i haven’t made any franchise in the past so i don’t know the entire process and things to consider aside from the franchise. like government licenses, fees etc. i also wanted to place this at sm calamba but the lease is somewhere between 30k to 50k. unless you can help me with some insights on the location and cost, that will be greatly appreciated. thank you.

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