How to Start a Quicklean Franchise Business

While some think that a self-service laundry shop like Quicklean will discourage people to visit the store, the growth of their branches and an increasing number of customers debunks the idea. The fast and affordable solution to washing clothes became a prominent feature of the business.

Unlike the usual laundry shops where you leave your clothes to get picked up a few days later, Quicklean encourages the use of self-service laundry machines which halved the consumed time to wash and dry kilos of clothes without breaking the bank.

Quicklean also features the “Tingi” culture of Filipino, wherein instead of buying a whole washing machine which can retail for thousands of pesos, they can instead wash clothes for a small price, and if they have the recent membership card of Quicklean, customers can get rebates to claim discount on transactions later.

About Quicklean Franchise Solutions Inc.


Alan Escalona, the chief executive officer of Quicklean Franchise Solutions, Inc., was once running a laundry machinery business together with his family; However, through the years, he saw how the demand for self-service laundromat grew and later on, during 2011 Alan Escalona decided to establish a laundromat business called Quicklean.

The store’s laundry service is supported by Speed Queen, the largest distributor of self-service laundry machinery, known for its functionality and durability.

How much Quicklean Laundromat franchise cost

  • Minimum Investment: Php 3,000,000
  • Franchise Fee: 336,000
  • Contract Term: 6 years
  • Renewal Fee: Php 168,000
  • Royalty Fee: 5% of gross sales/month
  • Other Dues: 1% of gross sales/month

Quicklean franchise procedure


So far there is no post regarding the detailed explanation of Quicklean’s franchising procedure; However, through contacting their official Facebook page you’ll be asked to provide your name, desired store location, and a working email address where they will send an info mail regarding the franchising process.

On one interview with the Quicklean’s CEO, Alan Escalona, aspiring franchisees are also subjected to undergo an interview to get accepted as a franchisee.

Ready to Start a Quicklean Franchise? Here is the Contact Information!

Facebook Fanpage:

Phone Number: 9890304

Inclusive benefits of Quicklean Franchise

The following are the benefits and support you can receive by become a Quicklean franchisee

  • Grand opening support
  • Store design
  • Signage
  • Layout
  • Access to QUICKLEAN Branded apparel
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Digital marketing support

Quicklean space requirement

As Quicklean usually houses ten laundry machines, a lounge area, and dining space, the company requires 40 to 180 sqm of space to accommodate all of the facility available in the franchise.

Benefits of Quicklean Franchise

  • Quicklean is a well established brand name among Filipinos
  • their well formulated business concept and marketing support would immensely help your franchise prosper.
  • The coin and card operated self-service concept also gives the owner ease of management and lower labor cost.
  • Escalona also stated that the laundry equipment are built to last up to 15 years, providing you a sturdy machine.
  • No Spoilage

Factors to consider before franchising Quicklean

  • There are only selected place that demands a self-service laundromat, they are usually the highly populated areas like the metro with residents living a fast-paced lifestyle.
  • Cost of investment is on the pricier spectrum
  • Requires frequent monitoring of cleanliness

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    Good day! I’M interested to open laundry shop in Bicol region it’s possible?? And how much capital needed to open the franchise.
    Thank you!

  2. We have a good location in Congressional Ave. QC. If you are interested chat us at FB: Thanks! Add, Like and Chat for faster communications . . .

  3. Jesus D. Teh says:

    Can I open in baler aurora, how much money can I prepare to have a branch

  4. Jesus D. Teh says:

    Can I open in Baler, Aurora, how much much initial money can I to have a branch, thank you

  5. Phillip Sotelo says:

    Hi, I have a building in Baguio City, and having a laundry shop on my ground floor will help my tenant with their laundry. However, I only need 4 machines just to support the 28 units apartment. Is it possible for me to have a franchise with only 4 pieces of equipment?

  6. Sandra Bucao says:


    Do you do the market and space survey in the desired location, eg. along C Raymundo Avenue Pasig?

    What is the minimum investment cost for a 40 sqm space. How many machines will fit into this space?

  7. Einna Sicima says:

    Hello po, how much is your franchise fee?ty

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