About Kowloon House: Franchise Fees, Requirements and Contact Info

The Filipino cuisines are a melting pot of varying cuisines our ancestors got from foreign traders, conquerors and others. Amongst that melting pot of flavors is the Cantonese recipes which Filipinos had developed and put their own twist to suit the Filipino taste palate.

However, you want that authentic Cantonese taste then Kowloon House is the way to go, and for those who are interested to become a part of the leading Cantonese restaurant in the Philippines, then read further to know more about Kowloon House’s franchising details.

About Kowloon House

Kowloon house has been one of the leading restaurants in the field of Cantonese cuisine in the Philippines. The restaurant had been the go-to place of Filipinos craving catonese cuisine which are both delicious and affordable, it’s that reputation and which helped Kowloon House expand their branches across the country.

Kowloon House Product Line

  • Siomai
  • Noodles
  • Pancit
  • Beverages
  • Toppings/Rice
  • Company-owned baked items (Chicken Curry Pie, Cheesy Tuna Pie, Roast Pork Pie, Butchi Mango/Taro)

Kowloon House Franchise Requirements

kowloon house franchiseMetro Manila Price

  • Franchise Fee: 100,000
  • Refundable Security Deposit 150,000

Provincial Price

  • Franchise Fee: 150,000
  • Refundable Security Deposit 150,000

Area Size Requirement: 15-20 sq.m of floor area with 3-4 meters of store frontage

Location’s Distance from other Kowloon Branches: Minimum of 2 Kms

Steps to Apply for Kowloon House Franchise

  1. Reach to Kowloon House through their official contact information to inquire for franchise and to also receive a franchise application form
  2. Submit the required documents to Kowloon House
  3. Kowloon House will contact the aspiring franchisee once their application is approved
  4. Schedule meeting with Kowloon House and applicant to discuss franchise details further
  5. Signing of contract
  6. Receive the layout for construction of store and counter
  7. Obtain the equipment provided by Kowloon House (utensils, supplies, etc)
  8. Acquisition of business permit and licenses
  9. Recruit staff who will undergo a 7-day training program
  10. Start Operation

Required Documents for a Kowloon House Franchise

The following are the required documents Kowloon House will ask of the applicant to apply for a franchise package with the company.

  • Letter of intent
  • Location map for proposed location, indicating major streets and landmarks surrounding the vicinity
  • Photocopy of two (2) valid ID’s
  • Complete Biodata with attached picture (picture should be recent)

The Biodata mentioned in the list will be given by Kowloon House personally. Contact Kowloon House to receive the Kowloon House biodata form for franchise application.

Kowloon House Contact Information

Email: Kowloon.house@gmail.com

Facebook: Kowloon House West

Address: #16 West Avenue Barangay, West Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines

Should You Invest in Kowloon House?

Kowloon House offers flavors and cuisines that are close and familiar to the taste palate of the Philippine market, which makes it easier to introduce its products on any location in the country. With ‘abot-kaya’ prices that fits the budget of even students, together with their reputable brand name that had been one of the key players in Philippine’s Catonese cuisine restaurants, makes Kowloon House such a worth it investment for those who are looking to franchise in the F&B industry.

Things to Consider Before Investing to Kowloon House Franchise

  • See to it that you have commitment to undergo trainings associated with managing your Kowloon branch
  • Research your target market on your prospect location to understand if Kowloon House fits the prospect customers within the vicinity.
  • Make sure that you can lend some time to oversee the operation of the restaurant as much as possible.




10 responses to “About Kowloon House: Franchise Fees, Requirements and Contact Info”

  1. Augusto H Diroy says:

    I am very much interested to franchise kowloon house food industry. My location is at Luna Apayao. No reputable and food chain is yet established in our place. Although isolated and far from sophisticated manila, a lot of able bodied and can afford residents live here although simple and low profiles but to be at par with those living in executive villages.

  2. shalimar luis gregorio says:

    pls send more details how to franchise kowloon house jr and standard counter store? im from tuguegarao city

  3. prince nuyda says:

    Hi,I would like to inquire about Kowloon Franchise,Please give me a call 09458334975

  4. Gerry San Juan says:

    Good day, is it posible to franchise in to Dumaguete Negros Oriental?



  6. Katrine Ordoñez says:

    What’s your franchise hotline number?


    May I know the inclusion of 150k franchise fee. Thank you

  8. Melanie Barleta says:

    Would like to get additional information re the ffg:
    Cost of inventory
    Terms of payment
    Do i get the items on consignment?
    From the sales how much goes to the franchisee?
    Franchise Contract term eg expiration, conditions for renewal,

  9. Mary Ann Esperanzate says:

    Hi, I would like to inquire on how to franchise Kowloon House.
    I have a location that is highly traffic both for pedestrian and vehicles. Your immediate response is highly appreciated. Thank you.

  10. Mary Ann Esperanzate says:

    Hi, I’m interested to franchise Kowloon House. Kindly send me the details, requirements and forms needed at may_esperanzate@yahoo.com.
    My proposed location is at Mandaluyong City along Boni Ave. COR. Lions Road.
    Thank you

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