These Top Business Ideas for Kids Will Teach Them the Value of Money

Surely, you have heard the phrase “Start them young” and in any way you will look at it, this makes a lot of sense. As proactive parents of this young generation, there is a need to begin with the end in mind (Covey’s concept is also applicable in this as well). This means that even if they are still young, now is the best time to instill important values that will make them become better, successful and productive individuals of this country. And this includes teaching them the value of money.

This is by far the most important thing that children should know at an early age as this will determine how they will live their lives in the future. This can also be a lifelong skill that guarantees that they can live their lives on their own when that time comes.

Below are interesting start-up business ideas for kids that will let them realize the value of money and will eventually influence them to be young entrepreneurs too.

Lemonade or Juice Stand

Children with lemonade standThis is the most common, yet so effective.

This is the most popular business that can easily be done by kids around the neighborhood. The set up is very simple. You just need a foldable table, one big container for your refreshing juice or lemonade, disposable cups and a simple colorful signage for everyone to know that your little ones are doing their share to earn money. Refreshing drinks are always in demand anytime of the year but mostly appreciated when summer time comes. This is also a great time to keep little tots busy as they take a break from school. A cup may cost P5.00 ($0.11) to P10.00 ($.22). If they can sell 20 cups, they can make P200.00 ($4.44). This is not a bad thing for a day’s sale.

Selling (Any Stuffs) at School

This can be anything. From stickers to food to sandwiches to anything that tickles their interests. As a start, parents can loan them capital for those interesting goods to be sold and the children will be the one to take charge of the generation of sales of these goods. This can be done in school with their teachers or classmates. In this way, they will learn the concept of personal selling and the art of salesmanship at a young age. In addition, tag along children in the initial buying process so they will be exposed on how to acquire supplies to be used in the selling activity. You never know, after this activity, they will become math wizards who will be future accountants.

Inventory Assisting/Stocking at a Community Store

This can be categorized as a weekend job or a serious summer job during school breaks. How do this work? Children will just have to approach a neighborhood “sari-sari” or convenience store to do inventory or to assist in the stocking or piling of goods in its store. Then they can charge them in a per hour basis or a per work basis. In this way, children learn the value of hard work but at the same time, they are also indirectly introduced to important skills such as sorting, classifying and categorizing. This is actually experiential learning at its best. Not to mention that the build-up of vocabulary is applied and naturally embedded in this kind of work

Lawn Chores

This kind of business is something that will interest young children as they always want to be outdoors playing or doing something outside under Mr. Sun. This interest can be converted into a simple money making chore. They can be an assistant to a gardener that does stuffs such as cleaning up the garden, watering the plants, planting and making a plant plot, etc. With their little hands, they can do simple chores as helping pile fallen leaves, watering plants using the hose or pile up plastic pots to be used for planting. Activities like these do not only improve their fine and gross motor skills as children but it develops in them a very high emotional quotient. The very skill needed when they become adults. Besides, they are not only earning but they are being prepared to become positive individuals.

Teach Your Child on How to be an Entrepreneur!

With all these ideas on start up businesses for kids these days, one thing is for sure, they will surely learn a lot. The number one concept that will be introduced to them is the term profit and loss. With a valuable lesson on pricing, their hands on experience will instantly get them to understand these two important words in the world of business. The other essential skill that they will also learn is how to make big decision for the business. This will give them the venue to do a little bit of problem solving and decision making. Lastly, at an early age, they will have an idea how it is to work with a group of people and teamwork will be evident in this way. Definitely, they will become favorable citizens of this country when they grow up. What a better way to mold these youngsters.

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