Is it possible to start a Ristorante Bigoli franchise now? Here’s some info.

From the name itself ‘Ristorante Bigoli’ one can deduced that the restaurant is a type of dining place inspired by the Italian setting and concept, which reflects from its aim of providing a taste of Italy while staying within the average Filipino budget.

Ristorante Bigoli’s combination of menu selection, quality and price point makes an ideal choice of investment to those who are looking for a business concept which is both unique in taste while staying familiar by using well-loved products amongst Filipino consumers.

About Ristorante Bigoli

Bigoli [Bee-goh-lee] is a type of Venetian pasta, with a structure of long thick strands which is traditionally made of buckwheat flour. While Ristorante, on the other hand, means an Italian restaurant with a more formal setting than a Trattoria-also a type of Italian-style dining place.

As per indicated from the roots of the store name; Ristorante Bigoli is a restaurant heavily influenced by the Italian cuisine and concept while incorporating some Filipino aspects to accommodate to the taste palate familiar within the Philippine market.

One of its prominent features is the variety of buffet options available ranging from the breakfast buffet, pasta, pizza, salad, and others.

The Possibility of Owning a Ristorante Bigoli Franchise

As of writing all, of Ristorante Bigoli’s branches, are exclusively company owned, and franchising opportunities are not yet possible.

Ristorante Bigoli Product Line

Ristorante Bigoli’s concept and is heavily influenced by the Italian dining setting, and it can be seen by checking their food selection.

  • Different kinds of pasta
  • Pizza
  • Stromboli (Rolled Pizza)
  • Italian Chicken
  • Salads
  • Wagyu Beef (A marbled meat extracted from a Japanese cow)
  • Entrees
  • Gruppo Meals
  • Italian Coffee
  • Desserts

Branches Nationwide

You may also visit the branches and try to inquire questions and learn more about the business setting of the restaurant.

  • SM Fairview
  • Trinoma
  • Eastwood
  • Ayala Malls

Advantages of Ristorante Bigoli’s Business Concept

Their frequent buffet promos featuring different food categories can attract customers to eat and try out their cuisines for an affordable price.

The average price point of Bigoli’s menu is surprisingly affordable in comparison to the selection of food served to each meal.

The introduction of Italian taste brings a new sense of flavor from the familiar snacks and meals Filipinos are accustomed to.

Things to Consider Before Adopting Ristorante Bigoli’s Business Concept

Bigoli relies on the concept of delivering a taste of Italian cuisine to the Philippine market and adopting this kind of method would require an entrepreneur with similar business interest to hire or learn to cook Italian cuisines.

Buffet promos are smart ways to incorporate to a food business as long as the owner knows how to produce quality foods while yielding back the capital and gaining profit.

Conducting a feasibility study to a location and the bigger picture of the business plan is a pivotal part to avoid or minimize the chances of losing resources in the long run.

Ristorante Bigoli Contact Details

Please refer to the following contact information to reached out Ristorante Bigoli for further inquiries. Their facebook customer service line is open during Monday-Friday from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM. You can also see the Facebook Page for possibilities of them opening up an opportunity for Ristorante Bigoli franchise.


Contact No.: 0917-889-9908


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