Online Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

Motherhood is one of the most wonderful thing that could ever happen to a woman however, this stage in a woman’s life also takes a lot of sacrifice (and sleep!) because a tiny little angel is depending on you for everything!

So there are many moms out there that chooses to give up their careers in order to be more hands-on with their babies, because seriously, they are tiny bundle of joy one moment and a grown-up kid off to college the next second and most moms just don’t want to miss any moment in their children’s life and that is perfectly okay.

Business at Home is Possible

Still, there are a lot of ways in order to earn income for stay at home moms and with the boom of the Internet, most of the business ideas do not even need you to run around the city and leave home.

All you need is a laptop, an internet connection that you can even get from a coffee shop nearby, and a whole lot of determination, because there would always risks involved in entrepreneurship, but starting an online business may be one of the best decisions you would make, especially considering its potential financial security if done right.

Online Business for Stay at Home Moms

Stay-at-Home Call-Center Agent

As a stay-at-home mom, you may want to try being an online call-center agent. You can start with this job, because it’s one of the most profitable ways to earn an income online, while also building your client base. Although, this industry can be tough and exhausting due to constant phone calls to take, but this is still different than going to the call-center firm, because you’re provided more convenience by staying at home.

All you need is to connect to the website, a stable Internet, and a headset. You can munch away at your desk without a supervisor yelling at you and when you feel like taking a longer lunch break, you can simply log out of your account.

You also don’t have to spend so much time calling people after people about a particular product or services, because every day you can get a client with different industry for you to work with and believe us, the diversity keeps the frustration away.

Another thing is even when there’s super typhoon ranging outside of your home; work never stops, which means that your income never stops as well. Plus, you are bound to earn a lot more as an online agent than going to an office.

In a study by Open Access BPO, they found that an average online freelance call center agent could earn around $500-$1,200 monthly and that amount is for every client that you would strike a deal with. While an average of $384.91 is earned by a call-center agent in an outsourcing firm and the supervisor gets around $828.81!

Once you get the experience that you need here and a client-base to start with, you can immediately buy a domain in order to start your very own online call-center firm. You read that right. That’s why it’s important to enter the freelancing industry first so you get the ropes on what the clients actually need and how you can provide it from them.

Become an Online Teacher

Education is the backbone of our fast-paced world and if you are not able to educate yourself on what is new and latest, you would be left behind. People value education so much especially in the globalization that is happening today where interchange of students and workers are the new way to advance in your career.

However, in order to become a successful exchange, people need to communicate well and not everyone can learn all languages all at once. The solution? Learning the universal language—English.

Online teaching is generating millions in a year so because people need to learn the English language and there is a shortage of English teachers in some countries, especially in some parts of East Asia.

However, there are a number of subjects that you can teach like marketing and business where you can conduct a webinar that people need to pay for and even make-up tutorials are a source of income for experts.

Launch a Blog

If you have a talent for writing and you are pretty sure that you can whip up a convincing tale, then you better launch a blog. After all, all you need here is the ability to convince people to turn to you for any concerns that they have. Although, if you want an easy money, you would not get it by blogging, because this one takes time and patience as you slowly build your followers online.

Lifestyle Blog

Probably one of the most popular and successful type of blog, Lifestyle blogging can generate millions of money in a matter of years if you have the consistency and diligence in creating content that relates to the people.

It could narrate your day-to-day life in the office, the food you eat there, the drinks you intake to keep you energized, and the places you frequent to prevent being burned out. All of this would interest people because they can easily relate to you and at the same time, you can promote products and services that can give you commissions.

Listicle Blog

Another popular way to generate millions of income is by creating listicle articles. You decide in what niche you would like to be known for, such as business niche, so you produce informative articles in listicle format regarding this topic.

You can write about business people can franchise, business where they could invest, and even help in the buy and sell of foreclosures around your area. The thing is everything you list down in your articles would benefit other companies and you can negotiate an advertising payment for that.

Selling Baby Things Online

There are thousands of babies being born every moment and that is already an indication that it is a huge market. Parents would want everything best for their little angels and you know this as a mom yourself and that means buying things that they perceive is important and needed by their babies.

However, you would not only get the parents as your target market, you would also get the family members and friends around the baby such as the godparents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and close friends.

How do you start this business? You can open a website with a premise that everything that a baby needs, you have it all. You can resell baby things like strollers, swings, and even baby food. If you think that is too hassle, you can just promote somebody else baby products and market that in your website and get a commission every time someone buys from your website link.

Of course, you might want to provide a lot of baby information and helpful articles with ideas and suggestions that would push people to buy baby products. You can even produce video marketing for a more rapid effect.

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