3 Powerful Ways of Marketing on Facebook

Since Facebook is considered the champ of social media sites, it improves its ways of keeping in touch with people. It upgrades its site and application wherein people cannot only be updated and connected with others, but Facebook opens its new way of advertising and selling your products by just a click and snap your buyers and Facebook friends can be informed of your business. Indeed, Facebook has grown into a venue for businesses to market themselves through interaction with customers and self-promotion.

However, a simple Facebook post cannot assure you that you will reach a wider audience. It can be limited only to your friends and Facebook friends. That is why you need to know the other marketing tools that Facebook offers, it is a great space to keep customers informed, develop a brand identity, and broaden your reach.

So, in this post, we will let you know the Top 3 Marketing tools of Facebook.

Facebook Business Page

A Facebook page is like a website wherein businesses can identify and advertise themselves. It is not only about posting and listing of products and offering services, but it is also a way of engaging and connecting with your customers.

You can share links, photos, and video advertisements and create an engaging and customizable post to give the business a better sense of identity and to inform the customers about your business.

In the marketing platform, you can explore ways of having creative marketing of your product and the freedom to show to your audience what is your business all about. It can also help track the likes, responses, and activity levels of your business.

The buyers can contact you easily by messaging your page. You can easily track and place orders of your buyers as well as share customer Insights and reviews about your product. They can also share their experience and rate your page based on their perception of how good your business is.

Facebook Advertising: Classic Ads

Aside from Google Facebook has its very own way of advertisement on its websites or application. It is called Facebook ads; it appears on the right-side columns of the Facebook site. These advertisements are part of the Facebook Marketplace ads.

It is an advertisement that contains a headline, a link an image, or a video that has a link through a Facebook page or an outside website.

Why is it good to Have Facebook Ads?

  • It targets broader audiences while collecting their demographic data. You can use this to know what kind of product line you are going to introduce.
  • You can have budgeted ads and monthly plans. Facebook offers affordable ads marketing; you can subscribe and unsubscribe anytime.
  • You can have a built-in ad performance based on your measurement tools.
  • It increases your web site click and publicity.

Sponsored Stories

Since Facebook updated their applicationĀ  and site, they already have a feature called “Facebook Stories” or what millennials often called “My Day.” This feature allows people to have updates about their feelings and day to day life happenings. It disappears within 24 hours after it is posted, and you can choose who will be your audience.

So, Facebook uses this as another marketing platform so that the business can show highlights of their products in just a click. These Sponsored stories often appear or in our news feed. You can see certain entities and organizations using this platform because it is a modern way to seek and capitalize on their business concept.

According to Facebook ad create, more businesses are engaged or subscribed in Sponsored stories rather than classic advertisements. Entrepreneurs perceive that a simple photo or 30 seconds video can easily target their customers since most of us have a shorter attention span.

Other marketing Platforms Offered by Facebook:

Facebook Open Graph

  • It is a third-party application that can connect to a user’s post and notification. These are applications that allow a Facebook account to connect in its application as a new profile user.

Facebook Promoted Post

  • These are part of Facebook pages wherein Facebook advertises their post. It will increase your page likes, reviews, and followers.

It is like an advertisement that will encourage users to like your page immediately without going or without the need to click the link in the post, they can just hit the like or follow button of the page, and it will add up to their liked and followed pages.








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