How to Franchise Jipangyi Seoul Cane Korean Ice Cream: Fees and Details

Everyone loves sweets! In the Philippines, Korean culture is embedded to us as well, from music icons such as Girl’s Generation to shows like Boys Over Flowers! So what do you expect when Korean cuisine cross from Korea to the shores of the Philippines? Well you get Jipangyi! Undoubtedly, ice cream is everyone’s favorite sweet-tooth soother especially for a lot of countries with hot climates such as the Philippines. What better way to refresh your self in an unsual way than eating ice cream in a J-shaped cone?

If you are wondering if this is a suitable business for your budget, continue reading to know about the franchise and the weaknesses and opportunities present in the Jipangyi Franchise!

History of Jipangyi Seoul Cane Korean Ice Cream

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When Jay Ong visited South Korea, he came across Jipangyi Ice Cream, a popular street food. Jipangyi is a traditional Korean snack which consists ofa J-shaped tube that is made of corn, and is filled with delicious ice cream! Don’t dismiss its unsual shape, as it is made this way to prevent spills and hands from getting sticky. Jipangyi combines a snack and sweet treat in one for many to enjoy.

Jay Ong’s company Happy Recipe Food Enterprise studied this Korean sweet delicacy and refined its concept. As the price in Korea for this product was P120, he made changes to the formula that was able to bring it down to P35! The ingredients for the cone are bought from the Batangas farmers, which helps the many people who live there, providing a consistent income for the locals.

With Jipangyi’s main attraction is its J-shape, looking at it is its own way of marketing, as well as a healthier alternative to traditional sugar-based ice cream cones we are used to eating.

Jipangyi started in September 2015 in SM San Lazaro, currently maintaining 58 stores! It is now currently seen all over major malls in Metro Manila with expansion on the way to the provinces.

Jipangyi Seoul Cane Korean Ice Cream Franchise Information

Jipangyi Franchise PhilippinesJipangyi Seoul Cane Korean Ice Cream offers two types of business outlets:

  • Kiosk
  • Cart

Both packages offer the same inclusions, only differing in space and portability.

Total investment cost for cart and kiosks: P 600,000

Contract term: 3 Years with continuation fee

Royalty fee: No monthly royalty fee

Required space: Minimum of 4 square meters


  • Use of trademark, name, and logo
  • Location evaluation and assessment assistance
  • Manager and staff training
  • System operations manual
  • Cart or kiosk
  • Ice cream machine
  • Equipment accessories
  • Inventory supply
  • Grand opening assistance
  • Marketing support
  • Research & Development
  • Continuous assistance

Advantages of Jipangyi Seoul Cane Korean Ice Cream Franchise

  • Applicant is not alone throughout the whole process, as training wil be provided for the operation of the franchise outlet
  • Business model is provided, contributing to high success rate, and as a franchise, makes everything in the operations easier
  • Unique product such as Jipangyi provides its own marketing, with its unusual shape enticing curious customers to come and try the ice cream product
  • Necessary equipment needed to start daily operations is given with initial supply of inventory, inclusive in the investment cost

Disadvantages of Jipangyi Seoul Cane Korean Ice Cream Franchise

  • High capital requirement doesn’t offset basic equipment to be used
  • Continuation fee after 3 years
  • As Korean trends are more geared towards to Korean fans, target market may not be able to penetrate and gain the interest of the masses

Want to Start your Jipangyi Franchise? Here is the Contact Information.

Happy Recipe Food Enterprise

Address: 72 Matias St., Brgy. Paltok, San Francisco Del Monte, Q.C.



Telephone no.: (02) 351 3207 / 0917 500 9899 / 0915 300 7440


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  1. Awg Abdillah Bin Awg Ibrahim says:

    How much price the machine and cone to Bintulu Sarawak Malaysia? Thank you

  2. ear Sir/Madam,

    Please be informed that I’m very interested for Franchising located at Cotabato City, Philippines

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    You may Contact me to the below contacts:

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    Looking forward to receive your feedback


    good afternoon! im interested to franchise JIPANGYI Seoul cane korean ice cream.Thank you.


    good afternoon! im interested to franchise JIPANGYI Seoul cane korean ice cream.Thank you.You can call me at 09163725732.

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