How to Start a Perfume Business in the Philippines

Nowadays people are fawning over the idea of self-care: particularly in the realm of skincare. However, another aspect of this is the scent you bring to the room. Yes, we’re talking about perfume!

With a combination of artistic expression and business savvy, you too can create your own brand of perfume that could sell a lot to a large market! Requiring a small amount of investment capital, and the passion for experimentation, a perfume business is a potential venture for those with a budget.

What is more, if the product is as good as it ought to be, you will not need to convince your prospective customer why they need it. As part of any basic commodities that we use in our lives, the perfume is just as common as any other household product such as soap.

This means that perfume is not just a trending and upcoming product. It’s a tried and tested product that has seen its value for centuries. Not to mention that the large possibility of your customers ordering another batch as they use up the previous one, it itself is a relatively simple business concept.

A lucrative business with a lot of potential for profit, if you want to start a perfume business in the Philippines you will have to read what you need to know below!

Acquire the necessary permits

The Paperwork Needed to Start Your Perfume Business in the Philippines

mayors-permitThis step is entirely optional depending on whether or not you are working on a residential or commercial site. If it is the latter, then you will be required to register as the sole proprietor of the business at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). For those who plan to have a partnership or corporation, they have to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Furthermore, your business establishment will need a business permit, barangay clearance, and BIR Certificate, which can be obtained at the each their office of at the nearest jurisdiction.

Know the basic formula for perfume-making

You need this to create perfume

A perfume consists of the following

  • 15% – 30% of essential oils (fragrant oil)
  • 70% – 80% of alcohol (such as vodka)
  • 5% of water (distilled)

The simple procedure is usually combining these components and refrigerating them for one to two days depending on how strong you want the scent. Optionally, you may add food dye to color your perfume and give it a sense of personal touch.

Get the right equipment

The basic necessities in order to create perfume includes a weighing scale for the ingredients, a container (preferably plastic), a rod for stirring, flask for mixing (with a cover), beaker (1000ml).

As for acquiring the bottles, choose the right size and shape to differentiate each perfume fragrance you will make, that way it is easier for your customers to distinguish each and every one of them. Preferably, you should try and contact a wholesaler to get access to a bulk supply.

Develop good relationships with your supplier as you may be in the business for a long run, and you might eventually be lucky enough to get a discount in the future! Remember: your supplier is your business partner!


Just because you know how to make perfume, does not guarantee that they will immediately become a hit! That is why you have to do your research on recipes or experiment by blending a varied amount of essential oils. Furthermore, at this point you should familiarize yourself with each scent and take notes on how to produce them efficiently.

Never stop learning and attend networking events such as trade fairs, seminars, and online tutorials. This ensures that you are up to date with the latest practices of other savvy fragrance experts!

Capital Requirements

As mentioned before, you do not need a lot of money to start a perfume business. This is because you will be doing all the work and is similar to that of cooking. With all the ingredients at hand, you can make various recipes at a cheap cost and mark up the price for profit!

Sell more with what you have

The advent of the internet and social media means that you have the opportunity to sell your product in a more accessible manner online. As long as you are able to provide consistent quality at various quantities, it is sure that you will have repeat customers that will eventually refer one or more friends as your business reputation grows!

Eventually, when you are comfortable at creating various fragrances with distinct smell, you should opt to start marketing them at small retail stores. Who knows, you might just make a popular brand of perfume that everyone will be clamoring for!

So what are you waiting for? Money does not grow on trees, it grows on the business opportunity that is made with a well thought-out plan!

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  1. blhaq says:

    i am a student in philippines and im planning to bring perfumes from saudi arabia . do u think if i sell from 250p – 400 pepole would buy?
    where can i buy alcohol in philippines

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    how to start on this business

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    How can I start perfume business?

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    Hi message me if there is a orientation to learn how to make a perfume thanks

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    Hi, just want to ask for your opinion. Would it be better to experiment and produce your own scent or rebranding perfumes that are already available? Thanks

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    Hello, I just want to know if you need to be a college graduate to start one. Do we need to be a college graduate to become a perfumer?

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    I’m dream is to have my own perfume scents.But I wonder how to start.

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    How to start to make my own perfume? I want to learn more please give me more information.


  16. Bambie says:

    How to start to make my own perfume? I want to learn more please give me more information.


  17. NOSE says:

    I’m looking for a business partner in making perfume. I did already in Bangkok and will going to have a business in the Philippines at the last quarter of 2023. Just looking some partner (50/50 share) with a passion in perfume. My mixture guaraante walang amoy alcohol. When you spray you feel the oil. Some say more than 24hrs last. Some say duplicate ng amoy sa original. Price is very affordable. I need partner because I need also to manage the construction business. WHATSAPP me if interested for planning/discussion before start +66811520495

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