Top Japanese Companies in the Philippines

Japan is a large influence on the Filipino lifestyle. We have had a long-term history with the said country, and even until today, there are some Japanese influences seen almost everywhere — the shops, clothing and apparel, Japanese-inspired cafes and brands, manga and anime, restaurants, and so much more.

The daily appliances we use might as well come from a Japanese company, since the Japanese are one of the top innovators in the fields of science and technology, and it looks like they will be holding on to that title for a very, very, long time. You have the youth watching anime, you have families dining in Japanese restaurants, so it’s only normal that the Japanese also play a big role in our country’s world of business today.

Japanese companies are great to work for as international businesses seek the best of the best, and if you aren’t one of the best of the best, they will train, hone, and make you one of the best of the best. A lot of the top companies in the world are actually Japanese companies, and soon you could be working under these big names. Here are some of the best Japanese companies to work for in the Philippines:

Bizwind Philippines, Inc.

IT Japanese Companies in the Philippines

Bizwind Japanese Company in the Philippines

Bizwind Philippines is a company established in Tokyo Japan and eventually expanded its market around the world, including the Philippines’ very own Makati. The company basically provides different technical services such as software development, system maintenance, IT consultation, business development, and also internet ASP services.

Through Bizwind Philippines, job hunters can grab the opportunity to unleash their potentials through a unique IT development career path. For Bizwind Philippines, to work for them is also like having the experience to work with Japan, and to work with the world. They encourage their employees, and al future workers to be a part of their team, as they believe that through them, they can create endless opportunities for technology to be used in order to attain success and progress.

Marubeni Philippines Corporation

Trading Japanese Companies in the Philippines

Marubeni Japanese Company in the Philippines

Marubeni Philippines Corporation is a league above conventional general traders in the country. They specialize in giving quality service to its clients with its extensive global network of human, financial, and technological resources. Its operations encompass domestic, import, export, and offshore trade, turn-key project management, risk management, finance, logistics, Build-Operate-Transfer projects, joint ventures, and investments in various industries.

If that long list of specializations isn’t enough yet, Marubeni is a very rewarding company, as it appreciates its employee’s hard work and in return, gives generous compensation proportional to the worker’s efforts. The company has a very solid and organized working system, with rules and guidelines well established wherein the employee just has to follow. There’s really no problem in managing your time because, with them, you can maintain a healthy work-life balance when under Marubeni Philippines Corporation employment.

Hitachi, Ltd.

Hitachi Japanese Company in the Philippines

Hitachi, Ltd. is also a famous Japanese multinational conglomerate company. It is commonly known to be the parent company of the Hitachi Group and also forms parts of the DKB Group of companies. Hitachi is a highly diversified company that operates eleven business segments such as: information and telecommunication systems, social infrastructures, high functional materials and components, financial services, power systems, electronic systems and equipment, automotive systems, railway and urban systems, digital media and consumer products, construction machinery, and other components and systems.

Hitachi promises that its employees will always give its clients the high quality products and service they deserve. According to workers, the stress level of work is minimal inside the company. What a perk, right? There are different benefits such as HMO, food and travel allowance as well as a rice allowance. Have minimal yearly increase and offers training abroad. If you are looking to travel abroad and work stress-free, Hitachi is a good choice for you.

Nissan Motor Company Ltd.

Automobile Japanese Companies in the Philippines

Nissan Japanese Company in the PhilippinesNissan Motor Company Ltd., or Nissan, is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer. Nissan Philippines Inc. was founded on September 23, 2013, and is a joint venture formed by Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. and longtime partners with Universal Motor Corporation and Yulon Philippines Investment Co. Ltd.

The colleagues you meet in Nissan makes everyday worth staying for. The bosses act as leaders and guides you all throughout your employment and are always there whenever you need help. The training you receive not only educates you in selling your product, but you also get to learn more about the automobiles that Nissan sell and cars in general.

Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation

Toyota Japanese Company in the Philippines

Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation is a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation. Toyota Philippines is based in Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines, and is responsible for the assembly and distribution of Toyota vehicles in the Philippines since 1988.

Toyota Philippines is a very nice company to work for since the bosses are very nice and friendly and so are your colleagues. Teamwork is very evident when working in Toyota Philippines. You get to travel to different places when traveling to different dealerships you are assigned to. Training is done often and they maintain a very positive and fun working atmosphere.

Before choosing the right job, it is very important to probe into different companies and what they can and cannot offer an aspiring employee. Whether it is Japanese or not, always remember that to get the best benefits, you need to give the best effort.

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