How to Start a Burgeroo Food Cart Franchise

For those who are interested in starting their own business but have a small capital at hand, may consider checking the Burgeroo Franchise, an affordable business package provided by the Filtreprenuer Franchise Inc.

The product line is both familiar foods in the Philippines and is within the affordable spectrum, which can attract a wide scale of customers. Read further to learn more about how to franchise and the requirements needed to franchise Burgeroo.

About Filtreprenuer Franchise Inc. (FFI)

burgeroo food cart franchiseFiltreprenuer Franchise is the home of Burgeroo franchise package and is a company established with the purpose of encouraging the Filipino to awaken their entrepreneurial spirit to create more ‘Job Creators’, which in return improves the quality of Philippines economic system and quality of life in the country.

The Mission and Vision of Filtreprenuer Franchise, Inc.

Vision-To be recognized and respected as the most successful franchise company in the Philippines.

Mission-FFI is committed at helping improve the quality of life of every Filipino through providing them business opportunities which are affordable with competitive and high-quality products.

Burgeroo Products

  • Burgeroo (Buy One Take One)
  • Burgeroo w/ Cheese
  • Texas Burgeroo (w/ Meatsauce & grated Cheese)
  • California Burgeroo (Burger w/ Egg)
  • Double Burgeroo (w/ Double Patty)
  • Ham & Cheese
  • Ham & Egg
  • Giant Burgeroo

Burgeroo Food Cart Franchise Details

Franchise Fee- 25,000-60,000 according to chosen package

Franchise Cart Term- three (3) years

ROI-2-3 Months depending on location, operation and handling of business.

Royalty Fee- None

Package Inclusion

  • 1 Single Cart
  • 1 Set Basic Equipment
  • 1 Tepanyaki Grill
  • 1 Set of Uniform
  • Crew Training
  • Franchise Seminar/ Training
  • Sample Products
  • Marketing Team and Operational Support
  • E-Loading Business for all network(Dealership)
  • 40% discount on other products

Burgeroo Foo Cart  Franchise Cart Size

To get a rough estimation of how much you need when looking for a site to accommodate a Burgeroo Franchise Cart. Look for an area with enough space to house a 3”x 2”x6” of the cart and some excess to move around and add other tools, equipment, and appliances, needed to fully operate the Burgeroo franchise.

How to Franchise Burgeroo

  1. Request for an application form by referring to the contact details stated below.
  2. If you have a prospect location at hand, kindly provide a sketch of the location, putting important factors such as landmarks, type of area and other establishments on the surrounding vicinity and send it through fax or email.
  3. Payment and Contract Signing
  4. Attend the mandatory franchise seminar (conducted after the franchisee undergo the discussion of operations, management and legalities.)
  5. Food cart is delivered 3-4 weeks upon settling of payment
  6. Training of store crew through hand-on practices and lectures.
  7. Receive the food cart either by pick up or delivery
  8. Start of business operation

For more updated and thorough guideline of franchising procedure, kindly contact Filtreprenuer Franchise, Inc. by using the contact details provided below.

Contact Details

Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc.

Greenhills Showroom

2nd Flr. Intrawest Centre, #33 Annapolis St.,

Greenhills, San Juan City, Philippines

Phone: (632) 723-3516 / (632) 949-7524

Fax: (632) 621-9468


Advantages of Franchising Burgeroo

  • No Hidden Charges
  • No Monthly Fee
  • No Royalty Fee
  • No Quota Requirement
  • Affordable franchisee fee
  • Additional income generator through their additional e-loading side business, included upon the franchisee’s preference.

Things To Consider Before Franchising Burgeroo

The business concept of Burgeroo is not exclusively unique to other competition; Therefore, it’s advised to find a site which is either none or at least a few meters away from businesses with a similar approach to the customers, to avoid direct competition.

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