Starting a Siomai House Food Cart Franchise: How to and Costs

Siomai is probably the bestseller within foods enterprise marketplace nowadays many people still find it a fantastic business venture. Why would you choose siomai? Siomai is known to be one of the most favorite snack of Filipinos of all time. Because of its bite sized goodness, the consumer would always find it easier to eat especially for those who are always on the go. You can eat siomai as it is or even with rice. And if you are eyeing for a food franchise and you love siomai, then why not try your luck on Siomai House. Siomai House is the pride of Bernabest Food Merchandise Inc. and is one of the most sought after siomai franchise in the country. If you are interested to get this franchise then you better check out the details below.

Siomai House Food Cart

About Bernabest Food Merchandise Inc.

Bernabest Food Merchandise Inc. started their particular venture in the food business by simply offering Empanada in 2001. They began to expand in the year 2002.

With a vision which is to be able to be noticeable as the number one in the food cart marketplace in the ASEAN region and also in order to improve relationship with buyers while generating more revenue. Their mission is to able to enlighten their buyers by giving the highest amount of support possible and also providing the latest, greatest and also top quality meal at the most realistic prices that they'll buy and continue to do so. You can get to enjoy Siomai House’s popular siomai for as low as Php 28 per three pieces. With that even the grass root level of the market can get to enjoy Siomai House.

Bernabest Food Merchandise Inc. has 3 main products namely: Empanada Especiale, Mac Hotdog and Siomai House.

How to Franchise Siomai House?

If you’re intending to enter this kind of enterprise, you might want to look at franchising a Siomai House, the cutting edge brand within siomai foods enterprise franchising.  If you are serious in franchising, then you need to submit to Bernabest Food products Inc. the following requirements:

  1. Letter Of Intent with the following details:
  • Address of the Proposed Location/ Establishment Name
  • Floor Plan (If the proposed location is in a building)
  • Pictures of the Location (optional)
  • Sketch Map
  • Monthly Rental
  1. Your updated resume
  2. In the event the previously mentioned requirements are submitted, the target place will probably be scheduled to have an ocular inspection. You may be knowledgeable about the outcomes. If you qualify to be a prospective franchisee, you then need to secure the DTI permit in addition to two government IDs. In the event that your application is denied, you need to hunt for a different place and revert back to the first step.
  3. Settle the Franchise Payment

As soon as the franchise payment have been made, the franchise applicant is going to be scheduled with the booth ingress.

Siomai House Franchise Package

The Siomai House franchise fee is Php 300,000 to 400,000 which is non-refundable. The franchise includes the basic designed booth, freezer, steamer, beverage dispenser, advertising signs and signage, two (2) sets of uniforms, free delivery 3x a week, and other provisions to conduct the business. A three day training period for the crew on how to conduct food preparation, conduct in selling, sales reporting, inventory control and maintenance of equipment shall be provided for.

The franchise agreement period will run for three (3) years while the extension fee is Php 50,000.00 annually.

What are the Additional Costs?

This franchisee shall cover many fees incidental to its company functions for the team area such as but not limited to lease/rent, CUSA, prices involving water, electrical power, waste disposal, security deposits and more. This franchisee have to attain, at his/her very own expense, from Governing bodies many important paperwork, clearances, and permits in addition to the necessary licenses to the operations with the company.

What are the Limitations of the Franchise?

They are not accepting franchisees in all SM outlets.

So when you have finally decided to have your very own business venture and you have the eye for the food industry then Siomai House would be one of the best bet for you. Since it is a known brand in the Philippines, as it is renowned for its flavor, you would not have a hard time getting more customers and regular patrons. Your rate of return of investment would be accelerated if you have a good location, proficiency in management, strong sales inducing factor and other factors that would be favorable on your end. It all boils to your passion and determination to succeed in the end.

For More Information:

Bernabest Food Products Inc.
118 Arellano St., Bagong Barrio, Caloocan City
Tel. 363-0226; 447-65-23 Tel/Fax. 362-1902


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