Nescafe Coffee Vending Machine Business Details

Vending machines are hassle-free business concepts which require minimal capital and maintenance. The versatility of these machines allows owners to place them within an existing shop or as a stand-alone business.

Nescafe Coffee Vending Machine BusinessInvestors who are curious about what type of coffee they can distribute may opt for Nescafe, and choose among, the array of coffee variants the company offers. The advantage of choosing a well-known brand as the product is having existing consumers of Nescafé products to use the vending machine as a means of a convenient dispenser of their favorite drinks.

About Nescafé and the Nescafe Coffee Vending Machine History

After the Wall Street Crash in 1929, Nestle was challenged to come up with a method of preservation that would retain the coffee’s natural flavor.

In house coffee specialist of Nescafe-Max Morgenthaler, took the challenge to create a coffee just by adding water. Their research and countless tests bear fruit in 1938; within the same year, the people behind the invention of instant coffee powders established a company which they called as Nescafe- a word derived from the combination of Nestle and Café.

With the help of a Swiss newspaper advertisement-News of the new invention broke out to the mass, and the convenience of the product was well received by the public. Until today Nescafé remains as one of the leading manufacturers of instant coffee powders, who continuously provide fast and easy to make coffee.

Nescafe vending machine and powders

Type of Vending Machine Number of Selection of Drinks Types of Drinks Available Minimum Number of Cups per Day
MRNK 10 Coffee, chocolate & juice 150
Sagoma Lean 10 Coffee & Choco Latte 100
Kalina A850 Office 8 Coffee & Chocolate 40
Mini-Kalina A430 Black and White 2 Coffee 20
Mini-Kalina A430 Coffee-To-Go 3 Coffee & Hot Milo 20
Kalina A850 Hot & Cold Specialty 8 Coffee & Milo 40
2 A840 Hot & Cold Specialty 8 Coffee & Milo 60

Each model have a corresponding type of drinks ready to be dispensed. Maintenance of the machines are provided by Nescafé Professionals, while buyers of MRNK and Sagoma Lean receives the added benefit of getting the machines refilled and clean by Nescafé staff.

Benefits of Nescafe Coffee Vending Machines

  • Doesn’t require crews to operate
  • Doesn’t eats up space
  • Maintenance is available together with purchasing Nescafé vending machines

Cons of Nescafe Coffee Vending Machines

  • Depending on the model and other factors, the vending machine can consume high voltage of electricity.
  • Machines can malfunction midday, which results to lose of sales.

Things to consider before starting a Nescafe coffee vending machine business


Choosing a strategic location is crucial when you’re planning to buy a vending machine for business. It’s important to choose high traffic areas to attract more customers.

Safety and Security

Vending machines hold both money and current stocks available for sale; Therefore, ensuring the safety and security of the machine is a priority. Some recommend placing the vending machines within a shop where staffs can monitor the area. Areas like malls or places with guards and CCTV is also ideal.

Nescafe Professional Philippine’s Contact Details

To get started on your Nescafe coffee vending machine business, you can call these numbers:

Consumer Services Hotline

(02) 898-0061 or 1-800-100-637853

Machine Service & Repair Hotline

(02) 477-3333 or 1-800-10-477-3333

Email Nescafe by filling up the form provided on this link

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