Top Advertising Companies in the Philippines

Everyday we use different products and services, that in one way or another, was influenced upon us. Influence is essential in the real world, because this moves us into making a decision, or move us into purchasing a certain product or service. This is where the purpose of advertising comes in.

In order for a business to propagate, it needs some ‘promotion’. Promotions is essential in order to catch the attention of possible partners, customers, or investors into knowing more about the products you offer. Promotions and advertising come together because there are different kinds of advertising in which may differ depending on the audience you plan to target. For example, there are print and non-print kinds of advertising, and this is important to differentiate because there may be some audiences that are better and more reachable through print media, and there may be some that are better through non-print. It’s all about discovering which ones suits the situation better.

Advertising Companies in the PhilippinesAdvertising, in the most basic sense, is communication in such a way that promotes or gives attention to a certain product or service. Different advertisements are paid for by different companies who intend to put an influence of their product to the reader, or the target customer.

For those who plan to work in an advertising company, it’s important to do some research first before applying, so you know what you’re going to be up for. In an advertising company, it’s really essential to have an imaginative mind. Your main goal is to communicate with businesses creatively. This includes coming up with creative strategic solutions for clients, planning the execution of such solutions, and lastly, ensuring that all ideas and motives are excellently brought into life.

With this, it’s important to know which advertising companies are the best, in order to ensure that all the advertisements you are investing in are really done in an innovative, creative, and unique matter, may it be if you are a job hunter, or a potential client.

Below is a list of the top advertising companies in the Philippines:


SVEN Group is an advertising company established in the Philippines, and also incorporated in Singapore, and have serviced themselves to over 1000 projects for 50 different brands. They commit to ensuring that you obtain the utmost benefit of their local expertise that caters to the global mindset.

SVEN promotes digital advertising, and they follow their own kind of hierarchy of needs: Digital Development, Digital Experience, Digital Reach, & Beyond Digital. They offer different services such as marketing, strategizing, content creation, execution, and different design interfaces that can be for web, mobile, applications, and so much more.
They offer different career opportunities in the fields of Strategic Management, Account Management, Strategic Communications, Creative Design, Digital Development, and Internal Operations.

Employee reviews would say that SVEN Group, Inc. will really train you to become a professional, most especially if you plan to hone your career in the advertising industry. So, what are you waiting for?

3. Virus, Inc.

Online Marketing Companies in the Philippines

Virus is an internet-based online marketing solutions company which aims to create efficient and innovative solutions in the field of marketing, which consistently works in the internet, as well for its users and clients. For Virus, Inc., sky’s the limit. They help their clients in thinking which ideas can help make your brand serves its real purpose. They try to improve all kinds of online marketing in order to meet your needs and be aligned with the evolving society.

Being proudly local, Virus, Inc. is composed of absolute talented individuals who claim to understand the local online scene to make all their creations effective and in line with the Philippine context. They also ensure that their values are truly Filipino, as they continue with their operations in a way that respects their work, their people, and their clients. This might just be the Virus you want to get.

2. Big Ideas Social Media, Inc.

Big Ideas Social Media, Inc. is a digital and social media marketing advertising firm based in the Philippines which specializes in various social media marketing strategies in order to turn small ideas into big ones. Founded in 2009, their goal of providing clients with the best quality work, without putting a hole in their pockets, continues to be their main mantra as they continue on with their services and products up to today.

1. Alchemy Advertising, Inc.

Fun Advertising Companies in the Philippines

Alchemy Advertising, Inc., is a Harry Potter-inspired advertising firm in which are composed of the “modern-day alchemists” who claim to be visionaries who are creative, resourceful, and innovative. As a full service advertising agency, Alchemy Advertising, Inc., continues to use young creative minds in their pursuit of skillfully adapting to the evolving world of advertising.

Just like the previously mentioned company, Alchemy Advertising, Inc. also has a principle of creating ideas that will make your customers value you like gold, without having to pay for a big amount. They value you like they value their gold, and that’s one of the best things about them. They build creative solutions in reasonable prices, and that’s how they continue to appeal to their loyal clients all around the country. Run by founders who have at least 35 years of expertise and experience, Alchemy Advertising, Inc. sees itself as the most prefered communications agency in the country as they continue to provide their clients with timeless ideas, and cost-effective solutions. With their creativity and sensitivity, you would definitely want to create some magic with them.

Knowing about the right advertising company is equally important for both job hunters, and clients, because you wouldn’t want to work for mediocre firms right? Doing research is equally important as well so that you know which ones can give you the best ultimate experience without compromising any aspect as well. Advertising is important but the people who make it run are just as important as well.

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