How to Start a Mineski Infinity Franchise in the Philippines

Gaming has always been a favorite pastime for local Pinoys. From the early introduction of online gaming favourites such as Ragnarok Online and Defense of the Ancients (DotA), people would always flock toward the nearest internet café.

For the past two decades, internet cafés provided a haven for online gamers to team up, sit side by side, and join on guilds, quests, and compete with the very best.

If there is one thing we can be proud of, is that the Filipinos are at the heart of competitive gaming. However, with the pricey rental charge of each computer lies the heart of the problem: too expensive to game all day, and too cheap to buy your own computer set.

Luckily for us, Mineski Infinity has provided a cyber café that caters to gamers, both casual and hardcore alike, to foster an environment that supports gaming as a whole. Mineski Infinity is for gamers, by gamers.

With branches sprawling all over the South East Asia, Mineski Infinity has proven itself profitable, and in less than a decade too! Would you not want to be part of it? If you are very much interested in what Mineski Infinity can give you, then keep on reading to know how to franchise Mineski Infinity!

History of Mineski Franchise

Story of Mineski Infinity Franchise

mineski infinity franchiseRonald Robins was just your typical college student at De La Salle University. In the competitive arena of DotA, however, he represented the Philippines. Often than not, he would complain about the poor quality of computer systems at internet cafes, as well as the less than ideal environment.

He attributed this reasons to bad performance during competitions and their resulting losses. For the most part, gaming at internet cafes were sub-par at best.

Which is why he put up his own cyber café that focused on online gaming. Investing in the best of the best computer equipment possible, Ronald and his friends would establish Mineski in 2008, with over 110 seats at a location with 200 sqm of space.

The first outlet of Mineski was a success that subsequent openings around the same area as the first were opened the next year.

As of 2018, a decade after its first opening, Mineski Infinity is the leading cyber café in the Philippines, and in other parts of South East Asia. With 114 branches in the country, 3 branches in Indonesia, 19 branches in Malaysia, and 4 branches in Thailand, no other business has come close to this kind of success in a decade!

Mineski Infinity’s Mission is “to empower games by providing them the best spaces and opportunities for growth”.

Mineski Infinity’s Vision is to be “a place gamers can call home, where they can expect nothing less than a truly-one-of-a-kind gaming experience and lifestyle.”

With core values such as:

  • Malasakit
  • Professionalism
  • Customer centric
  • Humility
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Excellence

If you agree with Mineski Infinity’s mission, vision, and core values, then you might just want to franchise right this second!

Mineski Franchise Information

  • Investment cost: Php 3,600,000
  • Franchise Fee: Php 600,000
  • Franchise term: 5 years
  • Royalty fee: 10%
  • Marketing and Advertising fee: 3%
  • License fee: Php 250
  • Space requirement (minimum): Approximately 95 square meters

Franchise inclusions:

mineski infinity franchise 2Full assistance from beginning until the end

  • Cost effective computers with the best monitors
  • 40” – 50” inch LED TV for Epicenter viewing
  • Construction and Renovation (Building codes not included. Limited to Mineski Store Design Standards only)
  • Head Office and on-site training
  • Initial opening support and tournament holding
  • EMS System
  • Mineski Link
  • Billing and Point of Sale System
  • Network Hubs installation
  • Mineski Interior Design

Qualified franchisees must be

  • Financially capable.
  • Must have complete documentary requirements.
  • Capable of buffering working capital of branch.
  • Free of involvement from businesses similar to Mineski Cyber Café Network.
  • Willing to comply with all Mineski Cyber Café Network Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Willing to actively participate in Mineski Cyber Café Network promotions.

Payment term:

  • 10% – Reservation and Documentation
  • 10% – Before Deployment and Delivery of Computers
  • 80% – Start of Site Sketching, Construction, Renovation

Location assessment: Franchisee or franchisor

Franchise support:

  • Start up and pre-opening guidance
  • Operations manual for Mineski Infinity franchise
  • External support (customer service)
  • Marketing and Advertising Promotion assistance
  • Grand opening guidance
  • General operations training
  • Site evaluation
  • Interior design and construction

Mineski Infinity Franchising Procedure

  1. Send Letter of Intent
  2. Market study and site evaluation
  3. Face to face meeting and planning
  4. Construction
  5. Turnover
  6. Operation (Opening)

Want to Start a Mineski Franchise in the Philippines? Here is the Contact Information!

Facebook Page: /MineskiInfinityOfficial

Email address: /

Telephone no.: 442 22 26

Advantage of Franchising Mineski Infinity

  1. Tried and tested business model
  2. Exclusive market in territory
  3. High quality assurance from the franchise
  4. Low investment outlay
  5. Combination store offering multiple products
  6. Technology guided management
  7. Best equipment as per price and quality
  8. Inclusive advertising and promotion
  9. Inclusive site evaluation
  10. Start up guidance

Disadvantage of Franchising Mineski Infinity

  1. Royalty fees are a high percentage of your sales every month
  2. Monthly fee of 3% of marketing and advertising
  3. Investment cost is within millions of pesos, deterring budget-friendly investors

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