How to Franchise Burger King in the Philippines

If there are people who claim themselves as vegetarians, there are also a big percentage of the populace that believes that they are ‘meatatarians’.  With meat as its root word, I need not explain what this term means.  But definitely in all parts of the world there are these kinds of people.  Interestingly, this is the result of those individuals who have tasted the sandwich that is made up of a flame grilled beef patty, covered in buns with tomatoes, lettuce, onions and cheese on it and topped with mayo, ketchup and mustard.  Surely, you will find yourself drooling while reading this and that you would want to have this sandwich for your snack or your meal for today.

Thus, if you cannot picture out what kind of sandwich is this, then you are one person in this planet that is missing a whole lot of fun.  Of course, I am talking about hamburgers, burgers, beef burgers, ground hound, ground chuck, cheeseburgers or the Whopper.  Whatever you may want to call it, burgers are a snack or meal treat that can surely satisfy and gratify the stomach very very much.

This is what the Whopper sandwich of the Burger King has to offer and for more than almost six  decades in the business of making burgers, they have refined its taste and have expanded to other menus as well and it is now a perfect place to get your breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and even your late night meals.  This is also why Burger King is encouraging interested individuals to be your own king and get a BK franchise and join the fun.

Burger King Franchise Phillippines

The Story of Burger King

As the second largest fast food chain in the US, Burger King also has its interesting and humble beginnings.  This hamburger concept was started by James McLamore and David Edgerton who are both entrepreneurs from Miami. Their concept is just very simple “to attract the burgeoning numbers of postwar baby boom families with reasonably-priced, broiled burgers served quickly.” This is also the time in America that the fast food industry is springing up.  To say, their timing is just great.

It was in 1957 that the Whopper burger was born, it is a burger with sauce, lettuce, cheese, tomato and pickles.  This meal is intended for those with big appetite and the catch is that the price is still affordable.  A year after, Burger King grabbed the opportunity to market their products very well and used the television for the first ever TV commercial for the brand.  Luckily, the TVC was a hit and the rest was history.  This was also during this time that franchising was a hit for business to expand and so the company engaged by selling exclusive rights to large territories throughout the country.

Globally today, Burger King is owned by 3G Capital, a global multi-million dollar investment firm and is a privately held company.  Locally in the Philippines, Burger King is a brand that is carried by Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC), the country’s largest restaurant company.

Burger King Franchise Details

Steps on how to franchise Burger King in the Philippines

There are actually six (6) steps to follow to become a Burger King Franchisee.  Check the steps below to know the details.  However, for more detailed information regarding BKC Franchise, read the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) in its entirety and it is recommended to consult a financial advisor.

  1. Pre-Qualification Process. An interested candidate is required to complete the online pre-

qualification questionnaire.  If you pass, an email is sent that you may call a franchising representative.  The franchising representative then conducts a pre-candidate interview.  If you pass an application package is sent through email and you are required to submit the following documents:

  • Completed Franchise Application and Personal Financial Statement (PFS)
  • CPA Opinion Letter to validate PFS
  • Review Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and submit signed receipt
  • Updated Resume
  • $250 Application Fee

Below are the minimum financial requirements and other fees

  • Net Worth – $1.5M
  • Liquid Assets – $500K
  • Royalty fee – 4.5% of gross sales.
  • Franchise fee – $50,000, and it is due before the restaurant opens for business.
  1. Franchising Interview. This is just validating and reviewing documents you submitted and to further assess if this is a good match for you and Burger King. This is also to assess business experiences and to discuss acquisition opportunities that are available in selected markets.
  1. Transaction Selection. This is the time to identify appropriate acquisition opportunities based on availability.
  1. Operations Interview. This is where the candidate is interviewed by the respective Division Vice President and that the candidate submits business plans and determines training requirements.
  1. Transaction Approval. This is where the capitalization plan is discussed and review of financial conditions.
  1. Final Approval. This is where you start business.  The approved franchisee should result in well capitalized, growth oriented buyer groups to optimize and strengthen the markets they enter.

Advantages of the Burger King Franchise

  • Established brand, more than 60 years of innovation, achievements, and a proven business model
  • A world-class support system in terms of training, operations, marketing and advertising
  • Team of experts are readily available to support. There is the Director of Franchise Performance, Sales, Profits and Operations Coach, Real Estate Manager, Construction and Design Manager, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management.

Disadvantages of the BK Franchise

  • Requires big capitalization and interested franchisee should have an established business acumen
  • Exclusive franchise rights for the Philippine territory
  • Qualified applicants geographic interest are matched with any Burger King opportunities that are available

Contact Details

For more information about Burger King Philippines, you may contact Jollibee Foods Corporation at or follow them on Facebook: or @burgerkingph

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