How to Start a Reyes Barbecue Franchise

Barbeque is one of many staple street foods available not only on the Philippines but also around the world. People had long deemed the barbeque as cheap food not suitable to serve in a restaurant. But Francisco Reyes proved others wrong as he established his business Reyes Barbeque, a restaurant with the main focus on distributing barbeque dishes appropriate for a proper dining setting.

Find out more about the franchising opportunities of one of Philippine’s long-standing business, and the story behind the founder and how he came up with his barbeque formula which is currently well-loved by many of his patrons.

About Reyes Barbeque Franchise

reyes barbecue franchiseThe roots of the Reyes Barbeque founder Mr. Franciso “Frank” Reyes have a long culinary history on his family. The spirit of being an entrepreneur in the food industry can be traced back to his great grandmother “Luisa Garcia”, who once established her own “carinderia”, with Kare-Kare as one of her best -selling product, it was greatly applauded by her customers that they dubbed it as “Luisang Kari”, a story featured in Liwayway Magazine in July 1992.

The Reyes Barbeque formula is built through Francisco’s travel in Metro Manila, tasting every possible barbeque he can see to find the perfect barbeque formula. Later on, he developed his own barbeque formula in 2002 and registered his brand name Reyes Barbeque.

Reyes Barbeque’s Mission and Vission

Vision- To become the leaders of creating and profitably managing exciting food concepts while still embodying simplicity, integration of heritage and continuous innovation.

To help hone the future of the Philippines become the training ground of globally competitive Filipino foodservice professionals through providing opportunities for education, employment, and entrepreneurship.

Mission-The Frank Reyes Group of Companies is built upon the mission of propagating the well-loved, popular Manila comfort food in a modern settings.

Reyes Barbecue Franchise Details

You may refer to the table below to see the difference of investment amount and type of franchise packages Reyes Barbeque offers

Type of Franchise Franchise Fee  Initial Investment (Including Franchise Fee) Length of Contract Estimated Total Investment
Dine-In Store 1.5 Million + 12% VAT 2.3 Million 7 Years 7-8.5 Million
Food Court Store 900K + 12% VAT 1.7 Million 4 Years 4.5-5 Million


How to Become a Reyes Barbeque Franchisee

Aspiring Reyes Barbeque franchisee undergoes through test to assess their aptitude as an entrepreneur. You can download and fill out the three forms by going to this link and clicking the corresponding name of test you want to take under the list of self-assessment tests

  • Franchise Applicant Aptitude Test-Considered as a Pre-interview questionnaire, which is required to fill out, printed and signed by the franchisee before undergoing the interview with the founder Frank Reyes
  • Franchise Applicant Self-Assessment-Use to gauge if the franchisee possess the set of skills Barbeque Reyes is looking for towards an investor.
  • Confidential Franchise Application Form-The form requests some of the franchisee’s personal information, including prospect location and others.

Reyes Barbecue Franchise Contact Details


Phone: (02) 748 7691


Address: 135 F. Manalo cor. Col. Ver Streets San Juan, 1500 Metro Manila, Philippines

You may also reach Reyes Barbeque by filling out the form found at this link

Reyes Barbeque: Is it a good business investment?

Reyes Barbeque is one of the most-long standing businesses in the Philippine Market and had more than a decade of honing their business practices which helps them thrive in the industry. Their reputable business brand among the Filipinos is surely an edge every partnering franchisees will benefit from if they ever wish to franchise the business.

However, first-time entrepreneurs may want to step back and assess their situation carefully, seeing that Reyes Barbeque have a big requirement of capital investment, it’s important to understand how to properly manage a big business such as Reyes Barbeque before shelling out millions of pesos.


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