GoodAh!!! Franchise: Information and Franchise Details

Have you ever considered franchising for a company that has a long-time experience in the restaurant industry in the Philippines? Why not consider Goodah as they are in the business for over 30 years now, continue reading to find out more about the franchise and see if it best suits you and your investment!

History of Goodah

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It is is hard to find the complete history of the GoodAh, but they were established in the 80’s as a quick service restaurant, widely known for introducing the most common name in the Filipino food: Tapsilog. Yes, GoodAh!!! was the pioneer in every acronym that described the dishes that ended in “si” now commonly found in restaurants and carenderias.

GoodAh!!! became well known in the 80’s for its traditional hot meriendas like Goto, Dinuguan, Arrozcaldo and Pares, all of which keep people coming back for more.

The company did not do well over the years, however, as it was sold to Mr. Jose Antonio “Che Soler, President of Del Sol Foods Inc. However, In 2012, Vic Del Rosario, Jr. partnered with GoodAh!!! to further open more branches for the restaurant.

Goodah!!! Franchise Information

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  • Franchise fee: P 750,000
  • Security deposit: P 250,000 (refundable at end of 10 year term)
  • Total investment cost: P 3,500,000 to P 4,500,000 (depending on lot location and size)
  • Contract term: 10 years
  • Required lot size: 120 to 150 sqm minimum
  • Royalty fee: 4% of gross sales on the 1st year (5% on the second year, and so on.)

Goodah!!! Franchise Inclusion

  • Company name, trademark, and logo
  • Pre, grand, and post-opening assistance
  • Pre-opening day inventory
  • GoodAh operations system
  • Equipment and technology transfer assistance
  • Store site assistance
  • Manual of day to day restaurant operations
  • Procurement, hiring and training of staff and management team
  • Marketing (television and radio advertisements)
  • On-going store operation support
  • Store design and decorations assistance
  • Signage (banners and flyers)
  • Renovation costs
  • Furnitures and fixtures
  • Equipment

Advantages of Goodah Franchise

  • The company provides staff training with program of about 2 to 4 weeks
  • Franchisee will not be left alone to operations as they will be assisted and told what can be improved to further be efficient in system operations
  • Evaluation of store location is provided by company
  • Compared to other restaurant franchises, the contract term lasts up to 10 years

Disadvantages of Goodah Franchise

  • Contract term is not renewable
  • Return of investment is 3 years depending on the operation of the store
  • % of gross sales will increase every year ( 4% on the 1st year, 5% on the 2nd year, 6% on the 3rd year)

Franchising Process in Owning a Goodah Business

Goodah Franchise 3Initial Screening

  • Submission of Letter of Intent
  • Initial Meeting and Interview
  • Evaluation of Franchise Applicant


  • Site Inspection/Approval
  • Awarding of Franchise Application and Location

Memorandum of Agreement Signing

  • Signing of Memorandum of Agreement
  • Initial Payment of P375,000
  • Discussion of Franchise Pre-operational procedures and requirements

Store Set-up Procedure

  • Presentation of calendar of Activities
  • Architectural and Construction planning
  • Budget Finalization *Store Construction/Renovation (30-45 days)
  • Recruitment and Training of Personnel
  • Ocular inspection during store renovation/construction
  • Pre- and Post-Opening Marketing Plans and Budget

Franchise Contract Signing

  • 30 days after signing the Memorandum of Agreement, the Franchisee must remit in full, the balance in the Franchise Fee amounting to P375,000 and the Security Deposit of P250,000
  • Signing of the Franchise Agreement

Store Turnover

  • Delivery of Initial Inventory
  • Dry Run/Family Day
  • Launching/Inauguration

Store Opening

  • To assist with the initial operation, a support team will be deployed in the store to guide and ensure that operational procedures learned during training are followed.

Contact Information

Address: 30th Floor, Unit 3004-C, West Tower Philippine Stocks Exchange Building, Ortigas, Pasig City




Telephone no.: (02) 586 5214

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