How to Start a Coco Milk Tea Franchise in the Philippines

When you go to a mall, you are most likely to find multiple branches of milk tea shops. While they have been in the Philippines for a while (over a decade), we have not seen its popularity as show today. Particularly, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice, commonly known as Coco Milk Tea. They might be new in the country, but they have half a decades worth of experience in selling bubble tea.

You can tell it is a profitable venture given their reputation and popularity all over Asia. Wouldn’t you want to invest in a franchise of your own and rake in the cash? Keep reading to know more on how!

Brief History of the Coco Milk Tea Franchise

Coco Fresh Tea & Juice was established on October 2013 in Taiwan. In this timeframe, it was able to gather a cult following, and eventually expand to a broader market globally. With assurance, Coco Fresh Tea & Juice that every drink served is coming from the best quality ingredients that fans of the product can identify as a noteworthy product and standard that is established.

What makes CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice different from brands?

  1. Product Quality: CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice's seeks after the freshest of ingredients in order to compete and enable sustainability for the business in the long run.
  1. Brand Image: High quality, lively, global ability
  • Energy: Passion and vitality are the basics in the industry of service and can likewise be found in all CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice stores and items.
  • Globalization: CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice is a worldwide brand with worldwide vision and capacity and, along these lines, has situated itself in the worldwide business.
  • International Talent: They are the main organization in this industry that can select first class abilities from different fields to cooperate. They have a worldwide administration framework. The aspiration and interest in labor are better than different brands.
  1. CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice gives ample resources for training and create excellent management structure. Outside of creating new concepts, our training resources are considered to be the second most important thing as identified by investors when picking potential partners. Coco Fresh Tea and Juice has training manuals in order to maintain the consistency in all regions. Additionally, through the synergy with both headquarters and regional partners, we are able to gain the flexibility to adapt as fast the market requires for each place.
  1. Methods of Cooperation: numerous non-diversifying partners contribute and oversee benefit sharing to expand supportability so that does not build the expense of operations and the necessary equipment.
  1. Managing Concepts: CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice competes to target high quality and measurable business expansion throughout the world, and able to enter the stage in the worldwide industry structure. Both stakeholders and the mutual desire for brand protection have compatible beliefs whether or not they can successfully work as a team. As a process, it reduces the risk on both stake holders.
  1. Careful Planning: the organization has the worldwide assets, outline, and a quest for extension. They utilize this forceful albeit determined mentality to assemble our worldwide business, which builds the certainty and development of the workers. It additionally fulfills the guidelines for hazard the executives for financial specialists.

Coco Milk Tea Franchise Information

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What’re the requirements to become a partner of CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice?

You have to be a citizen or PR of the specified country you are applying the franchise for and must commit to the business full  time.

  • Can I apply to open only one store?

Any international franchise is based on multi-unit and regional applications only.

  • Can I contact your representative in my region for franchise inquiries?

For any inquiries about franchising, it must be processed by the main office in Taiwan.

  • Can I contact other branch offices or do I need to visit Taipei for the discussion process?

The main office in Taipei manages all the regional interaction.

Procedure in acquiring a Coco Milk Tea Franchise

If you are interested in franchising, Coco Milk Tea operates as an international brand. Negotiations are done through the main office over Taiwan. What we can provide you are the steps as well as the contact details of Coco Milk Tea.

Step 1. Online Application, then review (2 to 3 weeks approximately)

Step 2. Interview through phone

Step 3. Review of business proposal (2 to 3 weeks duration approximately)

Step 4. Online face to face (video conference)

Step 5. Invite to interview in Taiwan

Coco Milk Tea Franchise Contact Information

Office: 3F, No.116, Hougang St., Shilin Dist., Taipei, Taiwan

Website page:

Facebook page: @CocoTeaPhilippines

Twitter: @cocoteaph

Telephone number: (Philippines) 315-575-9298 / (Taiwan) 886-2-2882-1826

The Advantage in Franchising Coco Milk Tea Franchise

  • More than five years worth of business experience
  • Tried and true business model
  • Support for training

The Disadvantage in Franchising Coco Milk Tea Franchise

  • Investment cost is not for budget entrepreneurs
  • Strict “by the rules” management

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