3 Ways to Make Facebook Less Toxic and Distracting

What we consume when we scroll through Facebook is generally beyond our control. A study by JAMA Network found out that exposure to social media for long hours is linked to depression in adolescents thus there is a need to regulate your social media activity lest it wreak havoc on your well-being. There are ways by which we can avoid feelings of toxicity and distraction brought about by social media in general.

Do Some Low Power Activities

In mornings, instead of consuming a toxic post, try some low power activity that slowly wakes up your mind and gives you mental power through the day.

Activities like preparing your coffee, doing morning pages where you simply write down all the thoughts that come into your head, or journaling; doing some little stretches to slowly wake your body up and prepare your mind for the day ahead.

Audit your social media.

facebook toxic

Check people, pages or posts you are following. Observe your emotional scale when you see their posts.

Do they make you feel happy? in awe? Do they inspire you? Keep them.

Unfollow the ones that make you feel awful, anything that makes you feel bad and urges you to make toxic comparisons. Keep track of your emotions.

Toxic social comparisons fueled by social media can add to your emotional weight which consequently affects your well-being.

When our bodies our physically unhealthy, we are exposed to a higher likelihood of risk and illness. The same is true for our emotional state. Constant stress and ill feelings will likely affect how you function on a daily basis.

So there is a need to take inventory, and be mindful about your time in social media.

Set boundaries

This does not only apply to people and circumstances; it also applies to your relationship with social media.

If it has become a lifestyle to check Facebook when you wake up until you hit the hay, there sure needs to be a life restructuring to do.

Many studies have proven the detrimental effects of social media on our physical, emotional, and mental health. If there is really a need to open Facebook and other social media apps, limit your time and be conscious while you’re at it.

Be mindful of how it makes you feel and if you feel the toxic urges, discard them and counter those thoughts. Truth is, what you see in social media is only half of reality. For most people, it’s only a well-presented facade.

With all the negative news proliferating, sometimes we are unaware that we begin to think and feel according to what we see.

It influences us, consciously or unconsciously. This is why you need to take back the steering wheel. You have always had it in the first place, you’re just unaware. Make up your mind about the things that you want to see, and influence you.

Avoid mindless scrolling on social media as much as possible. Guard your subconscious and most especially your mental health.

According to PositivePsychology, protecting your mental health and keeping it optimal helps you build positive self-esteem and create meaningful bonds and relationships with your community.

It helps you be confident and level-headed amidst any adversity or challenges that life may throw at you.

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