BonChon Franchise Philippines: Fees, Information and Contact Details

KFC, McDonalds, and Jollibee – these are just to name a few fast food franchises that offer consistent flvaors of fried chicken with their own take on the recipe. It is not a surprise that Filipinos love chicken, as we have our inasals all around the country as well! So what happens when a Korean style of chicken gets introduced? You get BonChon! Hear their success story and know if their goals are in line of your vision and want to know how to get partnered with them!

History of Bonchon Franchise

Bonchon Franchise Philippines

Jinduk Seh, owner of BonChon, established Busan, South Korea, dreamed of sharing his favorite food to the world. With his passion and fried chicken recipe, he spent 2 years creating the perfect glaze for chicken with the initial offering of Soy Garlic and Spicy flavors. The word “BonChon” means “my hometown” which is appropriate for its location in Busan.

With expansion taking place in international waters such as China, Thailand, Indonesia and the United States, BonChon came to Philippine shores in 2010 with great success thanks to the delicious recipe the owner!

Bonchon Franchise Information

As per the BonChon Philippines, the only information they give is to ask the franchise applicant to fill out a lease proposal form with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Company
  • Contact number(s)
  • Your email
  • Location of property
  • Floor area of property
  • Rental rate of property
  • Establishments within the area (Including those beside and in front of proposed site)
  • Attached floor plan in PDF or JPG format

The property to be proposed must be:

  • Between 100 – 200 square meters
  • Located within high-traffic areas such as business centers, schools, hospitals, and other commercial districts.

You can fill out the form in BoncChon Philippines’ website:

Furthermore, an estimated cost is shown in USD currency, as well as a form for Philippine franchising application in the US website for BonChon.

A form must be filled out with the usual contact information, plus the net worth, liquid assets of your company, as well as the area of interest.

You can fill out the form here:

BonChon is looking for applicants who are:

  • Enthusiastic to start their own Bonchon establishment
  • Dedicated to operational excellence
  • Pursuant to high-quality service and sales performance
  • Capable of meeting our financial requirements
    • Minimum Liquid Assets of $250,000
    • Minimum Net Worth of $700,000

Franchise fee: $ 40,000

Initial investment cost: $ 400,000 – $ 700,000 depending on factors such as restaurant size and location

Royalty fee: 3.5% to 4.75% of gross revenue

Contract term: 10 years (option to renew for 5 years


  • Right to use BonChon signages and logos
  • Location and layout assistance and approval
  • Interior design package
  • Cooking manual
  • Operations manual

BonChon will not offer any financing assistance, but make it easier for you to get out a loan. They will assist you in site selection, and may introduce you to real estate partnerships if needed. Site review and approval will also be prioritized by the company. The applicant need not to worry if he or she is not experienced in the restaurant industry or in business in general as the training covers all the necessary process in running a restaurant business.

The construction of the business will be the responsibility of the franchisee. BonChon will provide a list of needed equipment and inventory items and specifications, but the franchisee will oversee the purchase of these items. In the case of vendors, their products and services must meet BonChon’s specifications and approval.

Grand opening of your restaurant will be given assistance by BonChon and a quality assurance program will be implemented to help maintain and improve the daily operations of the restaurant.

Advantages of Starting a BonChon Franchise Business

  • No experience needed in restaurant or business sector, as training programs will be conducted
  • First day of operations assistance from BonChon
  • Constant quality assurance program conducted
  • Long term contract of 10 years

Disadvantages of Starting a BonChon Franchise Business

  • Proposed location requirements must be in high class areas, which means a higher cost for franchise applicant
  • No financial assistance
  • Franchisee is responsible for construction of the restaurant
  • Franchisee is responsible for acquiring the equpment and inventory
  • Training takes place abroad in New York City for four weeks

Franchising Contact Information

BonChon Chicken Philippines
3/F The Spa Building
80 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue
Quezon City 1110 Philippines


Facebook: BonchonPhilippines

Twitter: @BonChon_PH

Telephone no.: 633 1818

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