How to Start a Kettle Korn Dealership In the Philippines

Who doesn’t like popcorn? Although it is mainly consumed when watching movies in the cinemas or in the comfort of your own home, popcorn can be eaten as a snack like chips for meriendas. As it is comfort food, it brings back memories of our youth and childhood as it gives us a sense of nostalgia. What makes popcorn to be popularly consumed is its easy to cook instructions: pop in the oven and boom! A bowl of popcorn ready to be eaten. Its always a treat to eat one and share with friends and family, although most of the time the stuff we buy in supermarkets are expensive and are not of quality.

Fortunately, Kettle Korn has been in the business for so long that they know that people look for quality, affordable, most importantly, delicious popcorn!  Other than being delicious, Kettle Korn is aware there are others who want to try a variety of flavors, and as such they have caramel, chocolate, and other different flavors to choose from!

If you are looking for a good investment on a budget then you are in luck! Kettle Korn offers a low investment cost and could be a profitable business for you. Continue reading on to see if Kettle Korn is a suitable investment for your money!

History of Kettle Korn

Kettle Korn Franchise PhilippinesKettle Korn is a popcorn stall owned by Kettle Korn Corporation, and is a subsidiary of Republic Flour Mills Inc. (RFM). RFM Corporation was established in August 16, 1957 that manufactures flour, something that is not grown locally in the Philippines. In its initial years, the company has ventured into many types of businesses such as, hog breeding, poultry breeding, meat processing, grocery products, beverages, and ice cream brands.

Between the 1990’s and 2000’s, they invested into noodle manufacturing, tuna processing, bakeshop businesses, and pizza and ice cream chains. At this time, they had a subsidiary, Kettle Foods Corporation, for selling Kettle Korn popcorn products.

Now you see Kettle Korn everywhere in MRT stations, malls, most definitely near cinemas. Currently they have seven popular flavors which includes chocolate, cheese, barbecue, butterlicious, and salted caramel.

Kettle Korn Information: It Is Not a Franchise, but a Dealership

Kettle Korn is not a franchise, and is more of a distribution dealership. You will find what you need below to become a dealer.

Dealer Requirement:

  1. Application form with contact details (can be found at the head office of Kettle Korn)
  2. Valid ID (Driver’s license, SSS ID, Passport, etc.)
  3. Dealership form (approved and signed)
  4. 1 x 1 ID picture, or 2 x 2 ID picture

Kettle Korn Packages:

  • Package 1 – P 2,254
    • Inventory worth P 3,220 SRP
    • Suitable for those with businesses already – carinderia, store outlets, sari-sari stores
  • Package 2 – P 2,500
    • Inventory worth P 3,220 SRP
    • Display tray gondola
    • Tarpaulin
    • Similar to Package 1 but with added marketing exposure
  • Package 3 – P 4,000
    • Inventory worth P 3,220 SRP
    • Display tray gondola
    • Tarpaulin
    • Same as Package 2 except for a bigger display tray gondola and tarpaulin
  • Package 4 – P 10,000
    • Inventory worth P 3,220 SRP
    • Display tray gondola
    • Tarpaulin
    • Collapsible cart for showcasing the product to different locations
  • Package 5 – P50,000
    • Inventory worth P 6,500 SRP
    • Stationary stall (includes display and tarpaulin)

Advantages of Kettle Korn Dealership

  • Investment cost as low as P 2,254
  • No royalty fee
  • No franchise fee
  • Established brand of popcorn in the Philippines
  • Location assistance

Disadvantages of Kettle Korn Dealership

  • Choosing a location may offset the cheap initial investment, as malls usually have high rental fees
  • Demand for popcorn varies, and is usually seasonal
  • Popcorn has no defined target market

Contact Information

Address: Kettle Foods Corporation,7/F RFM Corporate Center, Pioneer cor. Sheridan St., Mandaluyong City


Telephone no.: (02) 631-8109 local 7929. (02) 633-5542

Fax no.: (02) 634-0532

Mobile no.: 0925-POPCORN, 0917-557-6462

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    hi good day.. i saw your tarpulin regarding dealership.. and im interested in it. pls sen d me details of application so i can fill in..
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  23. venice says:

    hi good day.. i saw your tarpulin regarding dealership.. and im interested in it. pls sen d me details of application so i can fill in..
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