How to Franchise: TK Takoyaki Food Cart

Craving for a Japanese cuisine but is on a tight budget? Thank heavens for the latest and most affordable way to satisfy your craving taste buds. Yes, you can now have a taste of Japan for only a fraction of a cost. How? Well, TK Takoyaki is here to save your growling tummy and your picky taste buds. Scrumptious Japanese takoyaki balls for that is fit for the Filipino taste.

If you love these takoyaki balls so much and would love to share this taste and contribute to its expansion, then why not get your very own franchise? TK Takoyaki has greatly expanded in Metro Manila and is primarily visible in almost all the busy parts of the city. If you want to be part of the TK Takoyaki family, you better read the details below to get started.

If you have picked your preferred franchise such as the TK Takoyaki then you have to reach the company where this franchise came from which is Villacorp Business Phlippines Inc.

About Villacorp

TK Takoyaki Food Cart FranchiseTK Takoyaki officially started here in the Philippines around August if 2008 by Ms. Maritess Villaflor and since then it has marked its name in the food industry as the prime seller of these Japanese takoyaki balls which are mainly made of batter, squid and vegetables.

Villacorp Business Philippines Inc, the parent company of the TK Takoyaki. It has a unique and effective feature on its franchise method and that is through Online Franchise Management (OFM).

OFM is an innovative way of monitoring your business because you can easily check your investment through this system. With this strategy you can conveniently monitor all of your business’ finances and accounting history, check easily your stocks, learn and see how the royalties are computed, be informed of shortages if arises due to the also raise your questions or queries on the message board which is run 24/7.

The Model of Your Food Cart, Costs and Inclusions

Next is to choose your preferred model unit for your food cart business.

You can get to choose from two models: Takoyaki Model and the Yakisoba Model. Either of the two model you would choose you would get the inclusions:

  • Franchise rights
  • Equipment
  • Initial supplies worth P6,000.00
  • Opening, legal, ingress assistance
  • Crew training (free, weekly plus a 6-day hands on training)
  • Site assistance, promotions and advertisements

Takoyaki Model costs P185,000.00 to franchise and Yakisoba Model costs P255,000.00 to franchise.

Other Steps in Starting a TK Takoyaki Food Cart Franchise

The next most important step is to get the best starting location for your food cart business. The more influx of people in your location the better outcome it would have. So your business would be greatly affected on this so you better make your research and study the flow.

Once you have finalized all these, you need to do the legalities such as getting the permits and paying the appropriate franchise fee and taxes applicable.

Beautify your stall and create more advertisements and promotions to make some noise and be heard by your potential customers.

Choose your employee well and make them attend the given seminars and trainings of Villacorp.

Start envisioning your bright future, pray and have faith that you made the right choice.

For further details on franchising the TK Takoyaki, you may reach the contact details below:

Address: 792 Alegerucas Street, Sampaloc Manila
Tel.: (02)559-4975 or (02) 743-9567
Telefax: (02) 711-0679
Mobile Number: (0922)8868051

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