Effective Marketing Strategies in the Philippines

Starting or having your own business isn’t easy.

Aside from logistics and other things you have to closely monitor to ensure the business’ stability, a business should always keep up with today’s advancements and trends in order to sustain their growth and continuously patronized by their regular customers.

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Marketing strategies is one of the pillars of a strong and well-profited organization. Overtime, strategies differ so businesses can continuously keep up and meet the expectations of their customers and prospect clients. Also, with the rise of advancement in the field of technology, there’s a need to incorporate this to the marketing strategies to be created.  Here are some of the effective marketing strategies in the Philippines:

Having a Website

While giving out flyers is still an effective strategy to create awareness amongst target clients that your company exists and you have exciting offers, people now come often to websites to check your services. Through the help of technology, they just have to type in the service or product they need and suggestions (based from the content of the website) will be shown in a blink of an eye. That’s why to be competitive in this industry, you have to ensure that your company has a website that has all the information a customer needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Have you ever wondered how a certain website goes in the top spot of search engines such as Google? It’s through Search Engine Optimization. Through SEO, a company’s website should follow techniques and regulations in line with Google’s artificial intelligence in order for their contents, products and/or services be considered a good content and have the top spot in Google search engine.

For this thing to happen, a company needs to have an employee expert in website development and see through it that the backlinks of their website are well created. The company also needs to have a content writer that will do the content for their website.

Social Media Optimizations (SMO)

As a country with the greatest number of people using various social media platforms, Social Media Optimization or SMO is one of the most effective way of maintaining and gaining customers. SMO can work in two ways: through organic or paid posting. With organic posting, the company’s social media page should have enough number of followers so that they’d be able to obtain audience’s attention with the postings they are doing. The content should also be well-informing, engaging, and entertaining that the audience will feel the need to share it.

With paid posting, even if a page has low number of page likes, the posted article or graphic content will be seen in several accounts, thus gaining audience attention. Most companies have opted to do paid advertisement in social media sites (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) because they can see faster results when it comes in creating audience reach and awareness.

Connect with Social Media Influencers

A way to create credibility towards audience is to have an influential personality (e.g. actors, athletes, and alike) to endorse your brand. It creates a subconscious though to a customer that when she/he is using the product that her/his idol represents or using, it creates a connection between them. Now, influencers aren’t just those you see in TV or films, some people who have created names in some social media sites (e.g. YouTube and Instagram) also known as social media influencers, are good marketing strategy in creating a buzz with your service or product. These social media influencers can post a review about your product or service and encourage thousands of their followers to use it as well.

Use E-mail Marketing or E-mail Blasting

E-mail blasting has been one of the effective technology incorporated marketing strategies in reaching out to several clients. Through sending daily updates, promos, and new services of the company, customers are abreast with the company’s current activities and initiatives to better provide the best experience for their customers.

The company do not need to print thousands of leaflets just to inform a client of their upcoming sale or promo. Now, in just a click, you may be able to reach out to a large group of audience. Constantly promoting company’s services or products through e-mail also creates a subconscious thought to customers when the time comes that they’ll be needing the services or products the company is offering.

Create compelling video ads

It has been seen the video advertisement through TV and social media is an effective way to touch emotions with customers and prospect clients. It also helps to create trust, credibility to the audience in a way that these people will feel like that the company has compassion and totally understands their needs and lifestyle as their consumer.

In the next years to come, there will definitely more marketing strategies that will be created in order to compel to the customers needs.

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