Top 6 Novel Publishing Companies in the Philippines

A good company is one that is on demand. That is, people are always looking for them no matter the occasion. In this case, novels are not a seasonal thing, they are regularly purchase by most avid readers. If you are the type of person  that is looking for a job in one of these companies, then you came to the right place.

Below are the 6 novel publishing companies in the Philippines that you may want to consider applying for!

Adarna House

For over 35 years, Adarna House has been responding to the need of Filipino children to have enjoyable literary experiences. Their books now serve Filipino kids of every age across the world—from birth through teenage years. It is they who keep Adarna House committed to their duty: to create good playmates, classmates, and friends not only for children, but also for art, literature, and country.

Education and the promotion of the Filipino language are the foremost commitments of Adarna House. The products–all original publications that feature Filipino values, culture, history, and experiences–are created only by the best Filipino writers, illustrators, and researchers.  Adarna House is proud of WIKAHON, the very first leveled tool for independent use by students to improve reading skills in Filipino.

Their employees enjoy competitive compensation package. They promote work-life balance, as well as, professional and personal growth.  Adarna House hires on the basis of the individual’s competence, potential, and attitude.

Anvil Publishing

Anvil Publishing, Inc., the publishing arm of National Book Store Inc., aims to popularize books and reading by publishing trade books different Filipino audiences would read, and making them available and accessible, highly attractive and engaging therefore competitive on store shelves. Books must not sell only because they’re required in schools. Genuine love for books and reading can only be cultivated through books read outside of the school.

Anvil is an eleven-time Publisher of the Year as cited by the Manila Critics Circle. To date, it is the biggest and most progressive trade book publisher in the Philippines.

Anvil Publishing, Inc. envisions itself as a globally  competitive Filipino publisher of quality, market-responsive content.

Abiva Publishing House

Founded in 1936, Abiva Publishing House, Inc. is the pioneer textbook publisher and bookseller in the Philippines. Since then, Abiva has been the reputable partner of educators all over the country in enriching the quality of Philippine education.

Now 82 years strong, Abiva continues to publish quality instructional resources that emplower educators and learners to be nation builders and global leaders.

If you have a passion for lifelong learning and would like to be part of a team that is committed to making a difference in education, then Abiva is looking for you!

At Abiva Publishing House, their people take pride in producing the best and innovative learning solutions while they remain committed to continue the legacy of providing genuine and excellent service to educators. Abiva values their people who are a reflection of the company. They have a strong sense of responsibility, integrity, and malasakit.

Abiva wants their employee’s career journey worthwhile and believe that it is but a reflection of their corporate culture. Each one recognizes their work as a meaningful contribution to the company’s success.

Abiva is proud to have a positive workplace. Abiva’s dynamic leaders are committed to nurturing and supporting its people. They support a culture of learning, teamwork, and excellence, and ensure their employee’s well-being.

Rex Bookstore

Rex is engaged in publishing and distributing educational and leisure books or magazines. Its purpose is to enhance the dignity of the Filipino people among the family of nations by publishing and printing quality educational, trade, and leisure publications to satisfy domestic and international demands by responding to the rigid printing requirements of quality-conscious clientele while helping develop the arts, unveil and preserve our rich cultural heritage.

If you are interested in joining one of the longest running publishers in the Philippines, then Rex is a definite fit for you!

Vibal Publishing House

Vibal Publishing House, Inc. is one of the leading educational publishing companies in the Philippines. It was founded in 1953 by the late veteran journalist Hilarion P. Vibal. Since then, it has produced thousands of quality educational materials for students and teachers.

Vibal is looking for individuals who share the common goal of helping Filipinos get better accessibility to education through their published works.

Artpost Asia

ArtPostAsia is a publishing and design group that produces beautifully photographed and illustrated books with compelling narratives on curated museum collections, art exhibitions, cultural and living traditions, cuisine, design, and contemporary lifestyles in Southeast Asia.

If you are looking for a career in the publishing industry and want to move up with opportunities to learn, then Artpost Asia might be for you.

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