How to Franchise: Plato Wraps Food Cart

Tacos, quesadillas, sandwiches, all of which are delectable snack treats but of foreign origin. Pinoys are generally innovative and one of the remarkable innovations of quesadilla, burrito and taco with a Pinoy twist is the Plato wraps.

What is Plato Wraps?

Plato Wraps is an uncommon sandwich that is easy on the pocket. It is undoubtedly filling, satisfying and most of all proudly Pinoy. Beside the presentation, what makes it more unique are the fillings inside. You can without much of a stretch, pick the mixed bag of the fillings to make it pleasant to your inclination. You can browse the decently adored chicken filling, delightful fish, cheddar and ham, pizza, vegetables and a ton more. Plato Wraps is a standout amongst the sandwiches in the market and by far, it is one of the most popular.

Plato Wraps Food Cart Franchise is certainly a stand out among its rivals regarding presentation and taste. It all started in the dreams and tirelessness of Kamella Seen. She needed to make an imprint in the bread business that would change the standpoint of a customer. Experiencing childhood in a family business of preparing bread which is initially called Panaderia Antonio and is presently famous as Panaderia Antonio Food Corporation or PAFC in Dagupan City in Pangasinan, Kamella needed to eclipse the regular bread and give a turn to the basic sandwich. She examined and concocted an exceptional thought of making the bread level and round it out with lumps of meat and vegetables with extra flavoring and flame broiled the sandwich to flawlessness accordingly conceiving the incredible Plato Wraps in 2001.

Numerous were shocked and entranced by the exceptional presentation, taste and general experience they have with each chomp. With the immense achievement that it has brought to the basic family bread shop in Dagupan City, entrepreneurs got to be charmed and intrigued on how to be a franchisee. It opened its ways to franchising in 2003 however in spite of the achievement and fame, PAFC is stringently screening its candidates. Their beginning target is to have 5 to 10 establishments in a year. They are after the quality and not of the amount of its establishments to guarantee that they would esteem their establishment the way the inventor did. One of the prerequisites too is that the franchisee ought to be a client of Plato Wraps so that cherishing it and embracing the idea would turn out easily as Kamella Seen noted. It didn’t take long for Plato Wraps to achieve the doors of Metro Manila and in the other adjacent urban and nearby regions or districts. As of now, there are transactions for developments in the remote regions of Mindanao and Visayas.

Franchising Requirements and Costs: Plato Wraps food Cart

Plato Wraps Food Cart FranchiseAs a matter of first importance, the franchisee candidate ought to be a devoted client on the grounds that Kamella accepts that for operations to run easily thus as its promoting, the franchisee ought to love their items first. Things would turn out regularly without much exertion and the business would turn out awesome and effective.

The franchising expense is worth PHP 200,000 for outside Luzon and PHP 150,000 for candidates within Luzon. The franchise agreement terms are six years for franchisee outside Luzon while the terms of the contract would be five years for those inside the Luzon zone. Starting stock worth PHP 60,000 to 80,000, which would change relying upon the anticipated necessity and the target area of the store.

A Food Cart Set-up is worth P275, 000.00 which incorporates the following:

  • Food cart
  • Signage
  • Equipment
  • Containers and small wares
  • Uniforms of crew
  • Site assessment help
  • Complete set-up of Plato Wraps
  • Chiller
  • Preparing Program
  • Opening support
  • On-going support
  • Focal buying
  • Innovative work Assistance

There is an obliged refrigeration unit worth Php 95,000 which ought to have a four entryway chiller, this is the standard for all the stores of Plato Wraps. This is normally arranged in the occupied shopping centers, or even in establishment area or region close to the Plato Wraps working site.

Ventures on How to Franchise Plato Wraps

As said prior, the holder and originator of Plato Wraps would esteem quality over amount. Hence, a stringent screening methodology is utilized among its franchisee candidates. The following are the ventures on the most proficient method to establishment Plato Wraps:

  1. Ensure that you are for sure a steadfast client of Plato Wraps before seeking a franchise.
  2. If you have met the first requirement, don’t hesitate to set a meeting with the holder to have a discourse about the entire business idea.
  3. Time to think would be given to the candidate, so as to have an impression of what has been talked about and if the candidate would consent to the terms of the holder.
  4. If in this way, the franchisee candidate ought to contact PAFC to affirm the application.
  5. For more subtle elements on the most proficient method to acquire the wanted necessities, you may achieve Plato Wraps through the accompanying numbers:

Phone: (075) 523-1034
Fax Number: (075) 515-7692
Metro Manila Office and Distribution Center:
Phone: (02) 703-9322

Facebook Page:

Advantages of Acquiring Plato Wraps franchise

  • It is an established brand since 2001, they already have patrons and repeat customers nationwide.
  • Grilled sandwiches are more appealing and satisfying to the consumer because food served hot reminds us of home cooked meals.
  • Plato wraps are sandwiches that come in a pouch which makes it ideal for people on the go without compromising the taste and presentation. Thus giving justice to its tagline “great meals in small packages”.
  • The founder of Plato Wraps is recognized as one of the Top Ten Entrepreneurs of 2006 by Entrepreneur magazine.


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  1. Hazel Joy L. Nisperos says:

    hi im from san fernando la union, and im very much interested with the plato wraps franchise. may i know how is the process to franchise?

  2. Vilma B. Muyot says:

    Good Day,

    Clarification lang po. The total amount that would be needed to franchise plato wraps is a minimum of 580000 thousand pesos broken down as follows:

    Franchise Fee – 150,000
    Food cart set up – 275,000
    Minimum starting stocks – 60,000
    Refrigiration unit – 95,000
    TOTAL 580,000

    Kindly clarify if my understanding is correct.


  3. Renalyn Mojica says:

    Good day,
    So mgkano po lahat ng magagastos?all in?

  4. Virginia C Amaro says:

    Pls send complete details in franchising reqts
    Interested client here

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