Business Ideas You Can Start With P10,000.00 or Under

Most of us are afraid to start our very own business.

Even if we have thousand of innovative ideas, you may already have created your own business plan for your dream business, everything is just either in papers or imagination, but never had it became something you can see and operate by yourself. Why?

We have the perception that starting a business can be pricey. Well, it is definitely pricey. Pricey not only because it will take away even the last penny left in your pocket, but it will also eat up most of your time and effort. But all these sacrifices will be worth it for you don’t have to work until you reach your retirement age and it’s a good form of investment that you can leave to your family and children.

Though some say that it’s one kind of a ‘luck’ to succeed in business, most entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg have defied odds and prove to people that business isn’t just pure luck nor coincidence, it’s also believing in yourself that you can strive to make your business work even if no one else will.

Fortunately, there are businesses that you can start under P10,000.000 that are sure enough to bring fruitful profit to our lives. If you are hesitant to put out a huge amount of money to start a business, which is totally understandable especially for people who don’t have any experience in the field, there are numerous profitable businesses that you can choose from as a start-up entrepreneur.

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Buy and Sell Business

Using your initial profit, you may purchase a variety of supplies such as but not limited to cosmetics, gadgets, and apparels that you may sell online through various social media platforms (e.g. Facebook and Instagram) or through online selling websites (e.g. Shoppee and OLX).

DIY Products Business

Are you fond of creating stuff from scratch? If you’re fond of doing crochet, sewing clothes, making soaps, candles and even hand sanitizer, you can this talent of yours to make a bulk of any of those items and sell this either online or through your neighbors and colleagues so you’ll be able to create network through word of mouth. Since your budget is limited, always try to find ways to maximize whatever marketing strategies you may utilize without spending so much.

Ice Cream Business

If you’re someone who wants to earn passive income while at home, you may work with any ice cream company of your choice and have close a deal to start an ice cream business at your home. Or you may purchase a variety of ice cream products that will cost at least P10,000.00 and sell it in your neighborhood.

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Loading Business

The advantage with e-loading business is that you can do it as your sideline job whether you’re an employee or already have another business. For around PHP 4,000.00, you may start your loading business using the sim you’ve purchased for e-loading and your personal phone.

Make-up Service Business

You’re probably one of those women who always like to keep their make-up on fleek. Fortunately, you can make a business out of this hobby and/or passion of yours. You may start with your friends and take pictures of them and post it online. The trick with this business is you can start with lower pricing because it’ll definitely pave way for more gigs.

Pastry Business

To start a pastry business, all you need to have is invest on an oven (PHP 4,000.00), baking essentials (e.g. utensils, ingredients) that will cost around P3,000.00 and you may start selling your very own renditions of favorite desserts and delicacies. You can sell it online or in the neighborhood.

Lunch and Snacks

Aside from pastry, if you’re also keen in cooking in general, you may also opt to use this cooking skills of yours as a form of business. Utilizing your existing utensils, you can spend your money on the ingredients and travel time in delivering the foods.

The good thing about businesses where you can use the social platform as a marketing strategy is that you have a larger number of prospect customers, locally and internationally. Nowadays, starting a business has become an opportunity not just for a few, but for many aspiring entrepreneurs. With various business opportunities opening, there are definitely more businesses ideas you can start with low capital.

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