How to Start a Printing Business in the Philippines

Printing has come a long way from manual labor to the automated press. While the digital age might have reduced the amount of paper needed to be printed, it has not made printing obsolete as companies still prefer tangible documents stored at their office for security purposes. Not only that, there are still processes that require printed documents at government offices and educational institutions.

Furthermore, there are people who use printing to personalize their stuff! Not only is the concept ever enduring, it is considered as one of the money makers in the country considering the amount of work is done every day from businessman to students at various institutions!

If you are wondering if you should start a printing business in the Philippines, then keep on reading to know what you need to know before you start printing money at a profitable venture!


Know your target market

Check Who Are Your Customers

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of printing shops nowadays all around the country. A lot of commercial printers used at print shops can print any kind the customer wants. That is why you need to set yourself apart from the competition.

Aside from specializing, you can also determine what your customer wants the most and work on that instead. Cheap printing? An attractive deal for anyone passing by!

Know the investment capital you need

The money needed to start your printing business in the Philippines

Printing machineries cost from P10,000 to P200,000 depending on the amount of printing you are going to do in day. Worry not, you can opt for a smaller printing machine at first. Eventually, when you are able to afford a bigger machine, you can upgrade then.

Printers have four types: laser, inkjet, offset, and screen. Inkjet printers are good for labels and signages. Laser printers are better for business cards. For large amounts of documents (businesses), the offset printer is good at handling large loads without reducing quality in the print. Screen printers are made to print ink on fabric such as t-shirts.

Additionally, a computer is needed to run the printing software on. You don’t need the highest performance in the market: a simple one will do, provided that it is tailored for business.

Acquire software for design printing

Some clients prefer personalized items, you may want to get one to design prints on t-shirts and business cards. Advanced programs enable you to render graphics and design them on your own. Whatever design software you get, always check first if your computer is able to handle running it.

On that note, going this route, you will need to have a constant stock of cards to let customers assess what they want in terms of texture and quality.

Obtain a stock of inventory

Inventory to keep your printing biz afloat

All the types of printers mentioned before have a specific type of surface to be printed on. T-shirts, vinyl signs, and business cards are needed to be at hand whenever customers want to inquire about it. Always replenish your inventory and bring enough variety that customers are able to have options.

Don’t forget your equipment for cutting!

If you are going to print multitudes of business cards, scissors will not do. You will have to get a cutting system, preferably a hydraulic cutter. If you are not able to get your hands on one of these babies, then a simple cutter and cutting mat will do!  However, signages made from vinyl should only be cut by cutters specifically made for adhesive vinyl.

Register your business

Paperworks needed for your printing business in the Philippines

On that note, a business name that is relevant and timely will make your business stand out. Once that is done, you should figure out what kind of business you want to operate.

Sole proprietorships are registered at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), while partnerships and corporations are registered to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Other permits you need are the mayor’s permit, BIR certificate, and barangay clearance, all of which can be obtained at the nearest barangay office and BIR office nearest to where the business is established.

On obtaining a good deal

All of the things you need as a printing business – paper, business cards, fabrics – are things you will have to negotiate with a supplier. One that is able to provide consistent quality at various quantities. More so, do not think of your supplier as just another expense. This is part of your investment and would determine the reputation you get from your customers.

A good provider always stays true to their values and has a good supply chain. What’s more, if any technology makes your printing business obsolete, it is their duty to inform you of better and effective ways of doing business but at the same time saving money and ensuring efficiency at your day to day operations.


15 responses to “How to Start a Printing Business in the Philippines”

  1. Ely Natividad says:

    can you please advise what kind of printer i need to have if i am targeting the business cards market?

  2. lito says:

    paano ako maka bili ng printer machine

  3. Gil Nartea says:

    i want to start digital printing, particularly coffee table books and tshirt printing

  4. Sariaki Deris says:

    Is there any seminars or short courses for this type of business? If ever there has, i would like to avail one.

  5. Rowena Albaracin says:

    im interested in mugs, pens notebooks or other personalize printing, how do i start from a small capital. thank you!

  6. Christina says:

    Kapag nagsimula po ako piano at San ako makakabili ng printing machine?thanks and God bless

    • Rafa B says:

      There are lots of trusted supplier of printing machine/equipment and consumables po. You can inquire either through their FB Page or their website. Crystal Image, Uniprint, Photolock, Yopsun Supplies. Check niyo po sila, they’ll guide you rin naman. 🙂

  7. Robert dela Rosa says:

    can you please advise what king of printer i need to have if i am targeting tarpoline, invitation card,flyers and calendar.

  8. Kgaogelo Phoffu says:

    I want to start a printing business and I do have a printing machine Epson the big one and a small one ,and I did registered my company, but I don’t have idea where to start.Please I need your assistant

  9. Michelle says:

    Hi! I am an OFW and I’m interested to start a printing business soon when I get back home. Do you have a webinar that I could attend to while I’m still staying overseas? I badly need assistance on how to start this kind of business.

    Looking forward on your positive response.

  10. Marjorie Lopez says:

    Hi I’m interested to start a printing business. Iam in canada but I would like to have business put up in Vigan , ilocos sur

  11. Ariston Arbon says:

    Hi I’m interested to buy prints machines for t-shirt,wrist band and other accessories and to startup the print business. Can you please recommend good quality machines to buy. Reply please ASAP.

  12. Tricky says:

    Any brand can do a good job it all depends on your funds and what you can afford to invest

    You will need a good printer but again a cheap one will do to start and you will need to practice to make good products

    I have been in print for my whole career over 30 years now working in all positions in all main types of print and been an estimator for the past 15 years costing work for my employers

    The best way to start costs nothing as you need a client base before anything else and then once you have a name you can buy your own equipment

    I would find clients and a good print supplier to produce the work for you to build a good reputation and base as well as earning the funds to get your own equipment to go it alone

    Hope this helps

  13. Flora V. Lariosa says:

    what documents that need white printing machines?

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