Aice Ice Cream Franchise: Details on How You Can Start

Looking for ways to add an extra income generator to your existing shop? Why not try being a reseller? And to help you narrow down your choices even further, try to consider one of the rapidly growing popular Aice ice cream.

With prices which are ‘swak sa budget’ of Filipino, the Aice ice cream makes a great product to sell no matter where the place is.

About Aice Ice Cream

Cute, affordable and delicious are the three things you can use to describe the Singaporean ice cream brand which established itself in Thailand.

According to the when the Aice Philippine Facebook page was created, Aice Ice cream had arrived in the Philippines as early as 2018, but the brand’s popularity only sped up around the year 2019, where you can see their adorable ice creams sticks being featured on ig stories and messenger mydays of the Filipinos, to brandish the affordable, delectable and instagrammable Aice ice cream products.

Aice Product Line

  • Crispy Choco
  • Chocolate Stick
  • Chocolate Cup
  • Mango Slush Stick
  • Pineapple
  • Coffee Crispy Stick
  • Milk Stick
  • Cone Taro
  • Mochi Vanilla

Earning for Aice Product line

Aice ice cream does not offer any franchise packages or dealership opportunities, instead Aice ice cream provides interested applicants ice cream reselling opportunities.

Aice ice cream products are subjected to a 20-25% profit margin per piece.

What Aice Ice Cream Looks For Their Resellers

Aice ice cream looks for the following criteria for existing shops who wants to become Aice ice cream resellers. While the following is not a definitive criteria, these factors will definitely help shops who want to become a reseller to be prioritize by Aice Philippines.

  • Clean Shop
  • Shop is situated in a good location (High foot traffic area)
  • Stable closing time for opening a shop
  • Is ideally a grocery shop

Information Required for Aice Philippines Reseller Application

Upon acquisition of form from a contact person, the applicant must indicate the following.

  • Branch
  • Contact Number
  • Contact Person

Applicant may be visited by an inspector to oversee if the shop follows the criteria Aice Philippines looks for on their ice cream resellers.

Contact Information

Phone: (02) 501-7577

Email: |


Advantages of Becoming an Aice Philippines Reseller

  • Have the freedom to sell other personal items you wish to distribute alongside the Aice ice cream. Resellers are not restricted to sell Aice products alone making it a more flexible mode of income.
  • Aice is one of the rapidly growing and increasingly famous ice cream brand in the Philippines, making it a great investment right now.
  • Aice features a unique spin to regular ice cream flavors all while staying quite affordable for the mass.

Things to Consider Before Becoming an Aice Philippines Reseller

Ice creams will need a freezer to keep its shape, and the electricity bill a freezer can spike up a store’s electric consumption.

Unless you’re confident that sales the ice cream products will produce will be sufficient to cover the electric bill it will consume while still leaving enough profit, then becoming an Aice resellers is definitely a great additional of income generators.

In addition, you should have the capacity to follow and understand what the market within your vicinity frequently purchase from the list of product line you will offer to know how to smartly allocate what products you should stock more or less.


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