How to Franchise: O’Noodle Food Cart

When it comes to food that is mostly served in the table, noodle has always been part in almost every household. Aside from being affordable, noodle is also a source of carbohydrates and replenishes one’s hunger for an affordable price. Noodle is not only served the traditional way which is in soup based and is served hot but now since the delectable taste of each consumer evolves through time, food that we loved are also innovated and served in a different or unusual way. Migoreng style, Chow Mein or stir fried noodle have captured the taste of the consumers not only in Hong Kong but also in its neighboring countries like the Philippines. Since the introduction of Stir fried noodle began which is mostly in Asia, variations are applied according to each location but mostly stir fried noodle are served with noodle and vegetables. Spices are added for a more flavorful experience. For the Filipinos, who are always budget conscious due to economic issues food that are easy on the pocket are always a big hit.

O’ Noodle is one of the best sellers and pride of Pinoy Pao Express Inc. Simply because it is one of the fast moving food cart concept because of the hype in the stir fried noodle theme and because of the price of the product without compromising the quality. If you wish to come up with your very own business in the food cart industry and you are planning to come up with the stir fried noodle concept then the O’Noodle food cart concept is the right one for you.

What are the Products of an O’Noodle Food Cart?

  • O’Noodle
  • O’Noodle Mami
  • O’Noodle with Siomai
  • O’Noodle with Patty
  • O’Noodle with Chicken Strips
  • O’Noodle with Beef Strips
  • O’Noodle with Dumplings

What is the Franchise Fee and What Are Included in an O’Noodle Food Cart Franchise?

Onoodle FranchiseThe O’Noodle franchise package can be availed for as low as Php100,000.00.

Inclusions are:

  • O’Noodle High End Cabinet Type Cart
  • Tepanyaki Griddle
  • Siomai Steamer
  • Product Samples
  • Crew Training and Uniform
  • Seminar for the franchisee
  • E-Load Business
  • Accident Insurance for the Franchisee

One of the best things in availing the O’Noodle franchise package aside from its affordable franchise fee is that it has no royalty fee and no sales quota. All you have to mind is how to manage your business well and to make it grow. The return of investment is highly dependent on your chosen location and your chosen food cart concept. Since the O’Noodle is one of the best sellers, you are assured that the public has already an idea of what it is and how it tastes. So you can worry less on the introduction of your product to the market.

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