List of Mining Companies in the Philippines

Mining in the Philippines is a growing and producing industry. According to the Mines and Geosciences Bureau’s Mining Facts and Figures – The Philippines is the fifth most mineral-rich country in the world for gold, nickel, copper, and chromite. It is home to the largest copper-gold deposit in the world. The Philippines metal deposit is estimated at 21.5 billion metric tons and non- metallic minerals are at 19.3 billion metric tons, as of 2012. Furthermore, the bureau has estimated that the country has an estimated $840 billion worth of untapped mineral wealth, as of 2012.

Mining Companies in the PhilippinesThus, it is not quite surprising that the industry is mounting and developing. In fact as of September 2016, there are about 40 metallic mines and 62 non-metallic mines operating in the country. The 2016 data from MGB also states that there are approximately about 236,000 workers in the mining industry. To determine how huge the industry is, below is a list of mining companies according to the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines.

The Chamber of Mines of the Philippines on the other hand is an association advancing the interest of mining, quarrying and mineral processing companies for the efficient exploration, development and utilization of minerals in consonance with sound economic, environmental and social policies. The association consists of members coming from exploration, mining, mineral processing and services industries including professional associations. The members are united by a shared commitment to the principles of economic growth, sustainable development and as government’s partners in development. Check the list below for reference.

Membership in the Chamber of Mines are classified among the different sectors. Regular Members refers to corporations engaged in the extraction. Processing or smelting of minerals. The members are as follows:

1. Apex Mining Co., Inc.
2. Asiaticus Management Corp.
3. Atlas Consolidated Mining & Development Corp.
4. Benguet Corp.
5. Berong Nickel Corp. c/o TMM Management, Inc.
6. Bohol Limestone Corp.
7. C.T.P. Construction and Mining Corp.
8. Eramen Minerals, Inc.
9. Filminera Resources Corp.
10. Greenstone Resources Corp.
11. Hinatuan Mining Corp.
12. Lepanto Consolidated Mining Co.
13. LNL Resources, Inc.
14. Marcventures Mining & Dev’t. Corp.
15. Manila Mining Corp.
16. Oceana Gold (Philippines), Inc.
17. Pacific Nickel Phils., Inc.
18. Philex Mining Corp.
19. Philippine Associated Smelting & Refining Corp.
20. Philsaga Mining Corp.
21. Platinum Group Metals Corp.
22. Rapu-Rapu Minerals, Inc./KMP Resources, Inc.23. Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corp.
23. Taganito Mining Corp.
24. Teresa Marble Corp.
25. TVI Resource Development (Phils.), Inc.

Associate Members on the other hand refers to individual local and foreign mining companies licensed to do business in the Philippines that are in the exploration or pre-production stage or have temporarily ceased production. Its members are listed below.

1. Affluere Minerals Corp.
2. Alad Minng and Development Corp.
3. Consolidated Mines, Inc.
4. Freeport-McMoran Exploration Corp.
5. Gold Fields Philippines, Corp.
6. Intex Resources Philippines, Inc.
7. Pacif ic Metals Co., Ltd.
8. Sagittarius Mines, Inc.
9. San Agustin Services, Inc.
10. Ibalong Resources & Development Corp.
11. FCF Minerals Corporation/Metals Exploration Plc.
12. Marcoasia Corp.
13. Philippine Mining Development Corp.
14. Solid Earth Dev’t. Corp.

Affiliate members refers to industry organizations whose members are engaged in the extraction, mining/quarrying or processing of minerals. The following are its Affiliate Members:

1. Cement Manufacturers Associate of the Philippines (CeMAP)
2. MAPA – Federation of Non-Metallic Association of the Philippines (MAPA)
3. Petroleum Association of the Philippines (PAP)
4. Philippine Mining & Exploration Association (PMEA)

Since this is all about mining, it is also fitting to list the companies that were currently suspended due to mining audit in 2016.

1. Libjo Mining Corporation
2. AAM-Phil Natural Resources Exploration and Development Corporation – Parcel 1 and Parcel 2B
3. Krominco Incorporated
4. Carrascal Nickel Corporation
5. Marcventures Mining ‬and Development Corporation‬
6. Filminera‬ Resources Corporation‬
7. Strongbuilt Mining Development Corporation
8. Sinosteel ‬Philippines HY Mining Corporation
9. Oriental Synergy Mining Corporation
10. Wellex ‬Mining Corporation
11. Century Peak ‬Corporation – Rapid City Nickel Project and Casiguran Nickel Project
12. Oriental Vision Mining Philippines Corporation
13. CTP Construction and Mining Corporation
14. Agata ‬Mining Ventures Incorporated
15. Hinatuan Mining‬ Corporation
16. Benguet Corporation
17. Lepanto ‬Consolidated Mining Company
18. OceanaGold ‬Phils, Incorporated
19. Adnama Mining Resources, Incorporated
20. SR ‬Metals, Incorporated

To add up to this list, as of 2016, there are still a total of 1,473 mining applications under process in the country according to the MGB and interestingly in the same year, the mining industry’s contribution to the country’s GDP is at 0.6%. Lastly, despite the controversial environmental issues the industry is facing now, the fact still remains that the mining potential in the Philippines is one of the largest in the world. Thus, the future of the industry will continue to be bright and positive.

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