Signs That You Are Burning Out From Your Job

The Beatle’s song “It’s been a hard day’s night” is definitely an interesting way of saying I have a tough day. This phrase has been used to describe a hard day’s work but for the band that worked all night, it indeed became a hard day’s night for them. An indication that work can also become very taxing and exhausting as well. Having this feeling could eventually drain a person and the bad thing is when this feeling becomes prolonged, consistent and most of all chronic. Stress, exhaustion and fatigue can be the ones to cause all of these that may affect every day routine and sense of self.

If it does affect your way of life, then this is a clear sign of a job burnout. Sometimes, it is confusing to tell where the stress is coming from. It can be either physical, emotional or mental. But, whatever kind of stressors there are, signs of a job burnout should be seriously looked into. Burnout specialists have identified several signs that might be helpful in assessing yourself, a family member, friends or co-workers if indeed one is suffering from a job burnout. Check on the signs below and do something about it before it gets worse.

Burnout from Job

1. Too lazy to do things after work

This means chronic fatigue. The usual things you do after work is already affected such as cooking, taking care of the household, strolling around or simply eating out. The early stage may just look like one is too tired to do things but on the later stage, it may change to a feeling of so much exhaustion that you feel depleted that you dread the days ahead.

2. Frequent headaches and other physical symptoms

This includes chest pains, gastrointestinal pains, palpitations, dizziness, shortness of breaths and all other pains felt in the body. All of these should be medically assessed so proper treatment may be given and causes will be identified. The thing is, if there are no known cause, then stress can be the trigger of all of these pains.

3. Inconsistent sleep patterns

For many, this is known as insomnia. In its early stage, one might just find it hard to sleep for one or two days in a week. But, if this consistently happens every night, then this is the worst stage. Sleeping now becomes an ordeal every night even though how tired you are.

4. Unmotivated and lack of accomplishment

This results to feeling of apathy and hopelessness. As the symptoms gets bad, the thought of nothing is right and nothing matter increases. This may lead to depression and anxiety if not address very well.

5. Loss of appetite

This is actually the most obvious physical symptom that one can easily notice. You may not feel hungry at first but if this persist, then you lose the urge to eat and this will result to a significant and rapid weight loss. And this is not a very normal way to shed some pounds.

6. Losing temper

This has something to do with increased irritability. One tends to lose their temper and just randomly shouts to emphasize a point. Sometimes this is shown by too much anger on very unreasonable things that. Patience, tolerance and perseverance is now being replaced by tension, worry and apprehension.

7. Frustration and cynicism

This means being negative to one’s surroundings. The power of negativity and pessimism emanates that it makes the person down and out. So, be careful if what you hear are all outcries, demands and commotions. That person might be suffering from a burnout.

8. Cognitive Problems

This refers to impaired thinking process such as being forgetful most of the time, the lack of focus and attention and the absence of logic in the reasoning process. With this, the person’s productivity is jeopardized that he or she cannot get things done properly.

9. Anxiety and Depression

This is when the person does not find meaning in his or her life anymore. There is too much sadness and hopelessness in his or her way of thinking that can cause a problem in his or her personal life. This should be address soon as this is very alarming.

10. Withdrawing and Isolation

At the early stage, this can be in a form of resistance to social events like eating out, having coffee or just strolling around the mall. This sign gets worst if he or she does not want to see people, gets angry when somebody talks to him or her and literally avoids contact with people.

Make sure that you do not have any of the described symptoms above. Because if you do, you are in deep trouble. Burnout is a condition that can blow out of proportion if not handled and addressed very well. This is why these signs are made available to give information to all of us. Determining these symptoms at an early stage is crucial to the well-being of the person. Thus, early detection is key.

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