Top Engineering Companies in the Philippines

Looking to delve deep in the engineering world but don’t really have the experience for it? As Confucius once said, “Find a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” If you’re looking for the right place and the right work for you, then you might want to get to know more which engineering firms are considered the best of the best.

Engineering Firms in the PhilippinesWhat are engineering companies for? Engineering firms are the prime firms that manage the engineering of a project and then hires specialists as subcontractors to carry out individual parts.

Long story short, working for the top engineering companies in the Philippines can drastically refine your resume. It shows that you’re one of the reasons why the best of the best is the best of the best. Working for the elite companies also guarantees you elite benefits; those usually come hand in hand.

The following are the top engineering companies in the Philippines:

Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd.

Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd. or SMCC, is one of the best engineering firms in the Philippines. Guided by different principles, SMCC ensures that they are elite in both input and output. SMCC offers many services such as bridges, environmentals, consulting, renovation, construction, etc. SMCC is always in the pursuit of client satisfaction and is also an eco and human-friendly contractor.

SMCC is an open-minded company where employees can fully exercise their ability and individuality. They maintain long-term employment for their human resources and sets the corporate up in a way which respects human rights and beings. The management is great and treats its employees with great benefits.

Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation

Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation is one of the leading engineering companies in the Philippines. The corporation was founded in 1995, and since then, Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation, has been the go-to firm for constructions of industrial and power plants, bridges and highways, ports and harbors, and more all over the country. Sta. Elena is considered one of the countrymen’s trusted choice, both for customers and job hunters.

Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation continues to strive in excellence in making sure that their enterprise is globally viable and is moving forward with lasting contributions in the construction industry. According to their employees, Sta. Elena guides their workers all throughout and even gives out free housing to some of its employees. Truly we can really say that Sta. Elena is a good company to work for.

JGC Philippines Inc.

JGC Philippines Inc. is one of the biggest Engineering, Procurement, and Construction companies in the Philippines known for its industrial facilities. JGC Philippines Inc. guarantees fast and efficient service to all of its customers. They offer a high degree of flexibility of service, service that is not only effective but also very cost-efficient.

JGC Philippines Inc. religiously supports their employee’s career development. They continuously seek opportunities in order to strengthen their employees’ technical skill for the betterment of not only the company but also for its workers. They consistently guide their employees in observing their main principles of shared responsibility, sustaining a corporate atmosphere of mutual trust, and promoting a high ethical standard. JGC Philippines Inc. is also socially sensitive in a sense that they are committed to complying with the law and with this, does not practice acts such as the controversial endo-contractualization.

International Elevator and Equipment Inc.

International Elevator and Equipment Inc. or IEE is a recognized leader in the design, sales, installation, and maintenance of escalators and elevators in the Philippines. IEE is always striving to improve its services, and strictly abides by its company policy of Total Customer Satisfaction.

IEE trains its workers and yearns for the continuous upgrade of the know-how of its servicemen. They pay good salaries and benefits, superiors will see to it that their servicemen perform well and are open to help its workers whenever they need it. And a very nice benefit of working for IEE is they pay its workers for working overtime. This firm is great if you are looking for good pay and good benefits, as well as a good working environment.

Meralco Industrial Engineering Services Corporation

Meralco Industrial Engineering Services Corporation or MIESCOR, is the Philippines’ leading engineering firm. MIESCOR and its two subsidiaries Miescor Builders Inc. and Miescor Logistics Inc. remain to be on top with its depth of engineering talent and unsurpassed experience in their industry. MIESCOR provides engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance, and project management services to its clients.

MIESCOR is guaranteed to polish its workers’ efficiency and experience throughout their time under MIESCOR employment. MIESCOR has a very friendly and helpful working environment wherein superiors help out their subordinates and teamwork is present. MIESCOR pays well and complies very well with ISO standards.

Finding the right job can be very challenging, but so is finding the right employer. Probing into different companies can very well help you find the perfect environment suitable for you. With what you have just read, we wish you well in finding the job just for you.

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