Finished? Here’s What to Do After a Job Interview

It brings such a delightful feeling when your phone rings and somebody tells you that your job application is qualified for an interview process. This only means that you are one notch higher in getting that dream job. However, the interview is just the start of a long and rigid process. For you to be within the loop of potential candidates, there is a need to keep that ball rolling. One way to do this is to read the tips below so employers will know that you are still up for the job.

What to do after an interview

1. Ask details on how to follow-up

The most practical way to let your interviewer know that you are still 100% hooked with the job opening is to do follow-up. This signifies being proactive and very strategic as well. All you need to do is to just act and sound normal when doing this. Do not overdo the follow-up as it may sound irritating which can indicate red flags. You do not want to make that enthusiasm turn into mere desperation. So, just be casual on asking on the next step.

2. Get contact details and information of the interviewer

Courtesy and politeness are very much needed in this situation. Asking business cards for a follow up correspondence sounds professional. This may mean two things to the interviewer, (1) you are still enthusiastic and very much into the job or (2) you wanted to keep in touch for other job opportunities if this one may not work out well. Either of the two, this still is A-OK.

3. Distant yourself to the interview vicinity

This is just the most logical thing to do as this will give both the interviewer and yourself a breather of what just took place. Of course you do not want to bump into your interviewer and make that meeting awkward. One brilliant idea is to stay away from them or their workplace at this time. Besides, this is also an interesting time to give yourself a treat for a job well done.

4. Process how your interview went

In order to judge how good or bad the interview went, a little self-introspection would help. This will make you aware if you are the type of person they want for the job but at the same time will ascertain you if most likely you will qualify or not. An honest comment coming from yourself about your performance in the interview is not bad at all.

5. Analyze if you like the vibes of the company

In Chinese Feng Shui, this is called energy. The Chinese believes that if the feeling that you get while talking to people is light, bright and full of energy, then things will be pleasant or the vibes is positive. Your energies complemented each other. However, there are other instances that the energy experienced might be down, dull and even sad, then probably the message is that this work is not suited for you.

6. Scribble some notes

It would be nice to take down highlights of the interview such as catchy questions, new vocabularies and interesting sayings or lines that you might use in the next interview. Writing it down is one way to indicate that learning took place. Besides, it is always nice to make memories by writing them down.

7. Email a thank you note

At this age of technology and information, it is always easy to tell someone that you are grateful. Writing a thank you email just exudes character and interest. Keeping in touch with a message of sincere gratefulness will surely bring smile to a person.

8. Follow up on your references

One noteworthy thing to do after an interview is to call on your references, these are the people that knows your work ethics and personality. Simply give them a heads up about the interview and that your potential employer might give them a call anytime. By doing this, your references might be a positive influence in your application.

9. Accept rejection with grace

At the end of the day, somebody will have to get that job. So, if that position is not meant for you, then the search is not over yet. Extend your heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity and mean it. Anyway, interviews are a good way to network with people that might be of help in your career.

10. Continue searching and do not stop

The more applications you send out, the more chances of landing an interview and the higher the chances to be employed. So, the message is clear – Do not stop until you get that job post.

On a final note, always remember that every interview opportunity is a chance to get better and better. Thus, bear in mind that this process will always be a good learning experience for you.

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