Top 6 Cafe Franchises in the Philippines

Coffee runs on the Filipino blood, it can be even said to be the liquid that helps us become alive during the day or the solution to pull-off an all-nighter. Drinking coffee has been an integral part of our lives, maybe it’s a good idea to start franchising your own? Luckily, we have a list of the most viable cafes available in the Philippines!

1. Star Frappe

Star Frappe 2

Star Frappe is one of the newest cafe franchises that cater to the middle income earners. Once can start a Star Frappe cafe, complete with equipment, signages and all the bells and whistles of starting a cafe. The cafe offers not only frappes, but also hot coffee and snacks in the mini snack bar included in the cafe package.

Contact Information


Phone Number: 0917-5323708 / 0998-5928617 / (02)6231856 – Look for Edison

2.  Mocha Blends Café

One of many pioneers in the café industry in the Philippines, it started roasting coffee and continues to do so with its Mocha’s choice beans for its espresso-based coffee. Now they are expanding more and more nationwide, they have even opened in Indonesia! A very affordable franchise, suitable for those in a budget.

Franchise Information:

Franchise Fee:

Full Store – P750,000 (P5M estimated franchise cost)

Kiosk – P700,000 (P3M estimated franchise cost)

Espresso Bar – P350,000 (P2M estimated franchise cost)

Term: 5 years (Renewable)

Royalty Fee: 5% of gross sales

Franchise Inclusion:

  • Trademark
  • Site selection approval
  • Ongoing staff training
  • Operation manual
  • Opening day assistance

Contact Information:


3.  Seattle’s Best Coffee

Seattle's Best Coffee

Sadly, Starbucks is not available for franchising. However, it’s subsidiary is! Yes, Seattle’s Best Coffee is a sister chain of its parent Starbucks. While Starbucks is targeting people who spend more, Seattle focuses on the working class, a great thing since it makes it more affordable for Filipinos to enjoy!


  • I have the energy for an exciting business venture
  • I have tested business skills
  • I can operate at multiple locations
  • I currently have a net worth of at least $1 million and liquidity of $250,000
  • I have a secure and independent finances
  • I have firsthand knowledge of the market
  • I will be 100% committed to making my coffee franchise the best it can be.
  • I want to work hard, have fun and be an ambassador for the Seattle’s Best Coffee brand in my local market.

If the answer is yes to all of the above, then you may then contact them in their website.

Contact Information:


4.  Coffee Break

Coffee Break Cafe Franchise

A relatively new café but already considered world class, Coffee Break is from Iloilo and serves gourmet coffee at an affordable price. They also serve hot chocolate beverages, pastries for the sweet-toothed, and even pizza! Just to reassure you of them being world class, they are a member of Specialty Coffee Association of America.

Franchise Information:

  • Term: 5 years with renewal fee of P500,000
  • Floor area – 60 sqm, preferably near establishments
  • Franchise fee – P650,000
  • Royalty fee – 7% of gross monthly sales
  • Security deposit – P100,000

Franchise Inclusion:

  • Operations System of the business
  • Training of staff and uniforms
  • Indoor and outdoor signage, store designs and decorations
  • Marketing support
  • Point of Sales support
  • Manual of day to day operations
  • Required supplies and equipment
  • 30-day training program, final selection of manpower and hiring
  • Pre-opening assistance
  • Consultations and operational support
  • Site renovations
  • Governmental permits and utilities expenditures

Contact Information:

Address: Coffeebreak Café International Inc., 69 C. Raymundo Avenue, Caniogan, Pasig City, Philippines




Fax no.:  (02)642-1870

Telephone no.: (02)641-1151, (02)584-3704, (02)584-1601, (033)335-0935

Mobile no.: 0932-8923353

5.  Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Cafe FranchiseCB&TL’s mission is to serve the best coffee and tea in the world, and they are proving to be quite successful at that since they are expanding already in 22 countries. This café is known for its inviting atmosphere, cozy furniture, and good employee service.


Submit contact, business info, in-depth background info, and initial telephone number to discuss your interest in franchising.

Franchise details are disclosed until meeting with the management.

Contact Information:
Address: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Unit 4 108 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Libis, Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone no.: (+632)-903-1000

6.  Figaro Coffee

Figaro Coffee Cafe FranchiseA rival to big coffee names but in a manner that they cannot compete: affordableness without sacrificing the quality of the beans. The affordable part does not only refer to customers but to franchisees as well. You might want to consider to do business with them as they take their beans from local suppliers and will improve the lives of many Filipino people especially in the provinces!


  • Desire, passion and enthusiastic attitude of loving the business
  • Commitment of time and resources to Figaro system
  • Compliance of its franchise rules and standards
  • Minimum franchise investment of P5m to P8M, depending on your café and location

Franchise Types:

Full Store:

Serves Full Line of Figaro Coffee Products

Space Requirements: 60 – 80 sqm.

Contract Terms: 8 yrs. renewal every 4 yrs. thereafter

Renewal fee: 40% of current franchise fee

Kiosk A:

Serves Full Line of Beverages, Pastries, Pasta, Panini Sandwiches and Salad

Space Requirements: 30 – 40 sqm.

Contract Terms: 5 yrs. renewal every 5 yrs. thereafter

Renewal fee: 40% of current franchise fee

Kiosk B:

Serves Full Line of Beverages and Pastries

Space Requirements: 10 – 20 sqm.

Contract Terms: 5 yrs. renewal every 5 yrs. thereafter

Renewal fee: 40% of current franchise fee

Franchise Inclusion:

  • Franchise Fee
  • Site Assessment
  • Store Design
  • Store Construction
  • Store equipment, fixtures, furniture, lighted signage
  • Project Management Fee*
  • Training of the initial store team (Franchise, Store Manager & staff)
  • Opening assistance from the Store Operations Department
  • Full set of store operations manual
  • Initial stocks (inclusive of opening warehouse & commissary stocks)
  • Initial budget for uniforms and marketing collateral

Contact Information


Telephone no.: (632) 706-60564 | (632) 671-4232 loc 19 | 63932-8468228

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