Business Ideas That are Pandemic Proof

Some people are wondering why these businesses have stable incomes despite the pandemic. They are a simple business, but they paved the way for the “new normal” today because of that people are encouraged to start up or enhance their current business in place of this industry.

1: Delivery Services

Since some people cannot go out of their house, they want their groceries, foods and other items to be delivered right in their doorstep. It is less hassle and very convenient. One call or one tap your delivery is right in front of you, you can also pay online to avoid the possible contamination of viruses in your house. That is why delivery services are one of the top business that has stable income this pandemic. It is not an easy job however it is a decent job wherein you can earn an average of 1500 pesos a day and above depending on your company and delivery quota within the day.

 More delivery service platform established their online market and application because:

  • They can still operate and have a source of income.
  • This can boost the experience in handling this pandemic
  • They can help in uplifting the economy’s state.
  • There is still a customer despite the pandemic.
  • They can give part-time jobs to students.
  • It is a way of establishing good connections and publicity.

2: A Professional Services Business

Professional service businesses encompass a wide range of skilled services. These include accountants, lawyers, virtual assistants, marketers, engineers, architects, and other specialist niches. They can have online consultation for whatever the customer query maybe. For example, you are a doctor having a messaging system your patient can update you on what they feel they can set an online schedule if ever they notice symptoms that require hospitalization and physical consultation.

Some professional shifted to their online platform because:

  • They can still operate and have a source of income.
  • It can boost the experience in handling this crisis.
  • They can help in uplifting the economy’s state.
  • There is still a customer despite the crisis.

3: Online food business

Entrepreneurs highly favored this business and other food companies like Jollibee, McDonald’s, Chowking, and other known brands increased their online food business in terms of promotions and discounts. Since not all of the people are not in their respective homes, especially those who are stuck in their dorm in school or work they are having a hard time to cook or they preferred foods that are made by other people. The online food business is a stable job wherein you can reach people easily by chatting them or advertising them online. It is a source of income because it offers a variety of menu. If you can see and observe the known food businesses online are handled by entrepreneurs or sole proprietors.

Most of the food business shifted to its online platform because:

  • They can still operate and have a source of income.
  • It can boost their product and publicity online.
  • They can help in uplifting the economy’s state.
  • They will have an easy way of promotions.
  • Their employees can maintain their jobs.
  • They open new opportunities for job applicants like a delivery guy and virtual assistant.

4: Agricultural jobs and Gardening

Gardening is a small business that works to design and maintain elements of a garden – like your grounds, trees, shrubs, plants, and lawn areas.  While an agricultural job is an industry that grows during this crisis. It is about cultivating fruits, vegetables, and other plants that people can buy in the market. With lockdowns instituted and more people stuck at home, agricultural jobs and gardening businesses have boomed. Even with an economic downturn, the therapeutic effects of cultivation and the demand for beautiful, peaceful surroundings manage to keep this niche afloat.

How do agricultural jobs and gardening help people?

  • People will always want to be around nature, and they realized they will have fewer expenses if they plant and grow their food.
  • It can help boost the awareness of people in making our world a better place.
  • This business is not only meant for our family, but this can operate online or in-store (deliveries, curb-side pickup)
  • Gardening is a stress reliever.
  • Social distancing inspires people to grow their food.

Therefore, these businesses are the ones who still have a stable income despite the crisis that we are facing. It can help other people establishing their job at home. It can also help them gain money and new hobbies. And while you are improving your passion, hobbies, and financial income, you are also helping in establishing our economy. It will prevent a fall back of our economic state and we are also helping the environment to be back in its normal state.

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