How To Franchise Quickly Shakes Food Cart

Whether you like it or not, summer heat is felt everywhere. A taste of summer weather brings excitement to all walks of life. Parties and festivities are just what you needed to break the routine your body is used to do in office and in school.

During summer, we needed something to quench our thirst. There goes the sound of ice being crushed into small bits needed for your special halo-halo. We also see the mouth-watering ice cold buko juice that serves as coolant to your exhausted body.

Quickly Products: A Healthy Alternative

Quickly Franchsie

Quickly is a new concept that serves healthy and preservative-free products that are made from milk, fruit shake and low fat cream. It consists of healthy beverages that adapts to the taste buds of all ages.  It serves a wide array of healthy products that quells the thirst your experiences during a long summer day.

Quickly Company Background

Quickly is an innovative idea that serves food and drinks which target to cater premium bubble tea to the four corners of the earth.  This company started thirty years ago in Taiwan. It pioneered the tapioca pearl drinks or simply known as bubble tea. A bubble tea is a type of thirst-quenching drink made from cassava starch.

Because of its revolutionary technique, it has spread across Asia, the United States and parts of Europe. In the Philippines, Quickly started in 2000 in the University Belt in Manila and how people perceive the product is short of astounding. From the overwhelming response from all types of people, the company started to introduce new drinks that provided different combinations of flavors.

There’s No Way To Go But Expand

Quickly Franchise

As of reading this, the company has expanded to 60 outlets nationwide. Aside from the NCR Quickly expanded to Cebu, Cavite and parts of Laguna. Over the last decade, thirst-quenching menus also expanded and selection of products also increased proportionally to the varying customers visiting our stores.

Different fresh flavors are delivered combined with the highest quality of ingredients to enable to cope up with the overwhelming demands of those who patronize our products. With this kind of business concept, Quickly has rapidly become one of the nation’s familiar producers of flavorful drinks and beverages.

Quickly Franchise Details

Whenever a business wanted to create more profit, it opens into selling a franchise. Company owners knew from the very start that franchising his company will create a higher rate of success as compared to a start-up business. This is because franchises, more often than not, have already made an impact to the market.

Quickly Franchise Fees, Inclusions

It is easy to have Quickly as your income-generating business. With a franchise package of approximately PHP788,000.00, you can receive all the necessary equipment to run Quickly. This includes freezers, counter, menu board and sealer.

Other Worthwhile Inclusions

The franchise fee, training fee, security deposit and initial inventory are all included in the package. Take note that there is an agreement that covers how long you are going to have Quickly as your business. There is this franchise agreement that says franchise of Quickly is good for only 2 years and can be renewable for another 2 years.

You will not be paying another franchise fee but there is a fixed renewal fee to be paid. In addition to that, because you are not the owner of the company, there is a mandatory royalty fee as minimum as 55 of the gross monthly purchase. Unlike other big time businesses, operating Quickly needed only a minimum of 6 square meters and you can start earning.

How To Franchise Quickly Food Cart: The Steps

Buying a franchise is a good alternative than start-up business. If you buy a franchise, the owner or the franchisor will provide a systematic and tested way of doing the business, continuous assistance and giving guidance in return for the periodic payment of royalty fees. To help the franchisee-to-be in having Quickly as his bread and butter, let us go into the detailed steps in franchising the company.

  1. The franchisee must secure a Quickly Application Form by appropriately sending your Letter of Intent. It also includes the Resume of the interested party. These documents will be emailed to
  1. To make a better evaluation, the franchisee must accomplish the Application Form using Black ink. All words must be written in either typewritten or in upper case form. The Checklist of Application Requirements must be included in the application form.
  1. After submitting all the pertinent documents most especially the Application Form, it takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete the evaluation process. During this time, the franchisee-to-be must patiently await for the company’s response.
  1. All applications are kept confidential and if there is a need for you and the Manager to have a personal meeting, it is the opportunity to discuss some important matters and details regarding Quickly Franchising Business. Take note that only those who completed the requirements will be evaluated.

Complete Your Application Requirements And Get Started

Below is the checklist of application requirements that must be completed in order to kick start the evaluation process.

  • Background information of the company including those people who run the business.
  • Photocopies of the company’s registration papers.
  • Photocopy of the company’s Articles of Incorporation and its Corporate CTC
  • Applicant’s Bank Statement of Account for the last 3 months
  • Passport photo and any government ID.

Advantages And Disadvantages in Owning a Quickly Franchise

There are advantages in which buying a franchise of Quickly can offer. Aside from the fact that Quickly is offering its well-known reputation as a beverage store, you do not need to have that much experience to run this type of business. One of the benefits an applicant can get is that Quickly, like any other company offering a franchise, will provide training for its franchisee.

Low Cost Fee For A Higher Return

Aside from having an established reputation, running Quickly would be easier because aside from the trainings and familiarization of the system, you have an access to national advertising. The amount of the franchising fee is nothing when your exposure is worldwide. This is very essential to your business.

Restrictions in Owning a Quickly Franchise

Though you are tied up to a reputable company, there will be restrictions as to how the company can be operated. You will be entering into a formal agreement bounded by restrictions and limitations. Creating your style in business could be a big NO because the agreement you are bounded to will dictate how to run the business.

Uncertainties of a Franchising Biz

Franchisors are always expecting above par performance because bad performances will affect the business’ reputation. In this way, there are franchisors who do not renew an agreement at the end of the term.

Quickly Franchise Contact Information

For those who are interested in having Quickly as their business, you can go to its Head Office located at: 39 Malasimbo Street, Barangay Masambong, San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City, Philippines.

You can also dial the numbers: (02) 365-2518 or (02) 365-8516. Its email is or you can visit its website at

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