Top Multinational Companies In the Philippines

In 2016, the Philippines ranked 57th in competitiveness in terms of Asian economies and we couldn’t have made it to this rank if it weren’t for the help of MNCs.

Are you familiar with MNCs? Well to do the basics for you, MNCs or multinational companies are corporations that control the production of goods and services in several countries. These MNCs operate in two or more countries and they usually have a headquarters which can be found in one country, but it does not necessarily affect the other branches in the other countries.

If you want to work for an MNC, you better know which ones are the best ones to work with so that you can have a great experience in your work. Let’s get started!

BDO Unibank

One of the Best Multinational Companies In the Philippines

Famous for their motto of “We Find Ways”, BDO is also one of the many famous MNCs that can be found in the Philippines. BDO is a full-service universal bank based in the Philippines which provides a wide range of services for industry-related services. Part of the SM conglomerate, BDO’s everyday operations are managed by professional bank officers and managers.

What are their employee benefits? For BDO, their workers are their most important assets. With this, they try to give the best experience they can to them in order to build their strength as a business without compromising the well-being of their workforce. To help them keep health, BDO has Group Life Insurance where their workers are covered by a life insurance, a Medical Insurance which can be reimbursement or Health Card type, and an Accident Insurance which provides coverage for death, injuries, or disability in accidents inside or outside work.

Accenture Philippines

A Great BPO Multinational Company In the Philippines

Accenture is a management global firm which provides consulting services for your strategizing, digital, operational, and technology needs. With over 50,000 employees in the Philippines and more around the world, Accenture is definitely one of the top 3 MNCs you would want to work for.

Accenture’s core values are definitely lived on by its workers. To be concrete, each worker, no matter how big or small his or her position is, is treated with the utmost respect and equality. There are also a lot of avenues for you to learn more given their training opportunities in order to develop one’s skills.

The working environment is really good, and you get to work with achievers that will inspire you to work harder and do better. Not only that, but you are also able to connect with the international Accenture branches where you can apply all the values and skills learned in the company. If you’re an adventure junkie, this is the best company for you! There are a lot of opportunities for you to travel as well, and get to know the different cultures of clients from outside the Philippines.

Nestle Philippines


Nestle has been really famous for its products. You see them everywhere like on TV, on the EDSA billboards, on magazines, and even inside your pantry. Nestle as an MNC has been greatly commended for the employee benefits. Just as what their products promote, they really do value wellness for their workers. Their healthcare services not only apply to their employees but their own families as well. Regarding culture, you can see that their employees are always goal-oriented and well-engaged. Nestle never fails to help you develop as they push their workers to master their craft and improve their career. You not only attain productivity, but you also get bonuses!

San Miguel Corporation

Most Sought Out Multinational Companies In the Philippines by Jobseekers

San Miguel Corporation as an MNC is really famous not just in the Philippines, but definitely worldwide. It is the Philippines’ largest conglomerate, and it generates about 5.2% of the Philippines’ GDP. What makes this company great? Most likely the people who work for them. To give you a glimpse of what it’s like to work for this diversified company, an interviewee stated that San Miguel Corporation is a really good company because of its benefits package.

Their workers’ health are well-prioritized because there are hospitalization benefits which their family members can also experience in times of need, and not only that, but you also get to have bonuses on your 15th month. For a lot of employees, it’s also fun to work for San Miguel Corporation because there are also rice allowances and medicine reimbursements which happens monthly. For those who love going to the gym, this is also the best company to work with for you because their employees have unlimited and free access to their Head Office’s company gym! Unlike other companies, San Miguel Corporation also gives transportation allowance to their employees. Who wouldn’t want that right? Besides these long list of benefits and incentives, the environment of San Miguel Corporation is said to be amazing because you really just get along with everyone, even those of the higher positions. Their employees are well-motivated, and they not only have a great quantity of workers, but they produce the best quality work as well.

Now that you have the list with the best of the bests, it’s up to you now to choose. Never forget to read about the company before working for it! You’ll never know, you might be missing out on benefits and opportunities. Happy job hunting!




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